We have some additional details today regarding T-Mobile and their Father’s Day Sale. T-Mobile is one to have pretty great sales for these types of holidays and starting today they will be offering most of their top phones absolutely free. The information and video below will explain things a bit more.

T-Mobile will be offering their best phones like the HTC One S or the Galaxy S II absolutely free for today and all day tomorrow. So if you’re going to get in on the deal you better hurry and decide. As you can see above and in the video below they are calling it their “Fast is Free” Father’s Day sale. They are offering all of their “4G” devices including hotspots completely free, with qualifying plans of course.

From the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G to the impressive 4.5-inch Galaxy S II all devices will be free. The only problem here is you’ll actually have to sign the usual 2-year contract and pay an up front fee, and then you’ll get a mail-in-rebate later. So initially the device isn’t a freebie but you’ll get that hard earned cash back at a later date. Some are instantly turned away by the MIR, but if you’d like to get Dad a new phone you have until tomorrow night.

AT&T is offering their Galaxy S II for $9.99 with no rebate, so that is another option too, but I doubt T-Mobile wants you to know that. Let us know what you’ll be getting dad this Father’s Day, or if you’re taking advantage of the sale for yourself.

[via TmoNews]

  • Dans MAD

    SCAM! you get $199 or $299 off via mail in rebate of full retail price. then you pay $20 for 20 months to pay off the additional cost of the full retail price. DON’T WAIST YOUR TIME! AT&T offer sounds better.

    • No, if you sign a new contract a $199 phone gets a $200 MIR and ends up being free.. but yea

      • derek larremore

        yeah no, Dans MAD is right.

    • secano


    • Asgard

      AT&T is even worse then t-mobile, drops calls all the time. I’ll wait for Sprint, at least they have iPhone, which t-mobile will either get last or never get at this point.

  • Went by there today to take a look at their plans and this “deal”. it is as others have described. you pay for part of the phone (high end phones like the One S) $250 and they fill out the rebate paperwork with you and you get a rebate in the amount that you paid in 4-6 weeks on a Visa Prepaid card. You also have to pay per $20/month for the phone for 20 months and then the charge drops off. you do have the option of paying more upfront but you only get $200 or @250 in rebate. The only advantage to this “deal” with this particular plan is that you can upgrade when you want but you have to pay off the phone you currently have on your plan, wait 24 hours and then you can get whatever phone you want. They market it as being “flexible”. I think not…

  • Mark

    Just spent 45 minutes reverting my plan back to what it was. T-mobile rep was less than honest and I found out when the contract came on email and demanded that I electronically sign it. After looking it over I saw the same thing, Pay $400 over 20 months. The rep had said I would pay 299.99 and it would be rebated in 4 – 6 weeks. The phone would be free after rebate.The last rep I talked to apologized profusely, but what a waste of time. It had to do with me already being a contract free tmobile user.

  • Asgard

    Not honest at all. They told me I needed an “unlimited plan” in order to qualify. Apparently they’re making up excuses to different people in different ways from what I’m seeing here. This is outrageous. Unfortunately I have a couple of lines in my account and 2 have yet to expire but once they do I’m moving out of this provider. It’s the second time this year after the sale for V-day that they’re messing with me and pulling restrictions out that are not in the website offer.