In this brand new ad made to make it look like iPhone 4 is a newb with two suited jerks who are terrible at running, T-Mobile uses a fancy lady to punch the non-Android competition directly in the nose. Take a peek as T-Mobile notes how totally slow 3G is and how amazingly blazingly fast their HSPA+ 4G network is in comparison. Actual speeds aside, this is a pretty good foot stomp.

They say the fellow with the blue tie on is ATT and the fellow with the red tie on is Verizon, saying of course now that both are the same – why would someone think they were different, they going the same speed on 3G? A good question to ask, of course, is weather they had these people ready to do an ad the day of the Verizon event, or if they had them film it before, several scenarios in tow. What’s up? Take a giggle peek:

[Via T-Mobile YouTube]

  • My_Ballz_iTch


  • asdf

    “whether”, not “weather”.

  • joe

    great ad. very true and straight to the point

  • bigwig

    I’m happy apples finally getting stomped, but their networks aren’t really 4g. Verizon could just turn around and be all like “Bitches ain’t nothin but hoes and tricks”

  • T-Mobile USA was in war with Crapizon to get the iPhone. They knew they would be getting it next after AT&Terrible. But, since they have it in T-Mobile Europe I see some love for T-Mobile USA from Apple within the foreseeable future.