We have some good and bad news this week for owners of the HTC Sensation 4G here on T-Mobile‘s HSPA+ network. While we’ve heard plenty of good news from both HTC, and T-Mobile regarding updates to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the device, today we’ve learned that T-Mobile had to delay the Sensation’s update.

Just yesterday T-Mobile posted the update details and instructions to their forum, then later last night over on Facebook either T-Mobile or a sales rep posted some pretty detailed information regarding the update process, and that it had been sent back to HTC for some fixes. What this means it it could possibly be another 4-6 weeks before we see ICS for the HTC Sensation 4G officially. With HTC rolling out updates to multiple AT&T phones that were cleared and pushed out, this shows they are ready to continue with the rest of the devices as long as they don’t have similar issues.

I did mention good news above, so what is the good news? Popular developers CyanogenMod have opened up their sources and are officially building nightly ROM’s of CM9 Android 4.0.4 ICS for the Sensation, and users should get that if they’d like some stock Android or don’t want to wait for HTC and T-Mobile. This means users can compile Android 4.0 ICS for the Sensation with CM9 if they’d like, or get many of the custom ROM’s available from RootzWiki or XDA.

Until we hear more from T-Mobile, or see another leak users will have to wait another month or so for something to officially roll out to the Sensation 4G. In the meantime try some CM9 and let us know what you think. I’d start here for ROM’s.

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  • Grinder48186

    Yeah I’m going to a windows phone. Timely updates will be nice.

    • Bdombro

      Ummmmmm, you mean how Mango took like 8 months longer than it should have?

    • sqweasel

       Wow, good luck with that sinking ship.

  • Klint

    IIm truly upset… I’ve been checking for New updates through this whole month.. wish they would have told us sooner.

  • Sdfas

    omg, how about those like me who don’t have a rooted phone?? then there is only one news 🙁

  • John C Jackson

    Give me a Fu##ing break T-Mobile. I’m done with you guys. I bought my
    Sensation based on the promises that T-Mobile made with regards to OTA
    updates soon to come. Also because of the potential merger with AT&T
    (that part was my own fault) After my first update to 2.3.4, my
    Sensation never works like it did from the previous version. Funny how
    all the other carriers seem to have not problems with updates. But I do appreciate the update Android Community, good to know that you are on top of the news. Thanks.

    • SahajSensation

      I totally agree with you! T-Mobile does have the best phones out there but still, the Sensation is a great phone and I can’t wait until we get ICS and Sense 3.6!

  • Pumpdrivrx

    The AMAZE WHAT ABOUT THE AMAZE, Tell me about the F(*&^ing Golf shoes.

  • monkeyman

    would this effect the uk?

  • ninaspot348

    Im already looking for another company. This is ridiculous. They probably don’t like the idea of ICS giving the ability to terminate any background process.

  • Kempatsu

    Already changed providers

  • Bdombro

    Yeah would be nice to get more details

  • sqweasel

    Funny. I was having a discussion with a business analyst this morning about a project she is working on that was to pushed to production this morning. She said that the software was not ready. While it’s bad that they will miss their deadline, it is good that shite software that has not been properly tested is not being pushed on a bunch of users who will scream to high heaven that their shiny new app is broken.

    Which would you rather have? A piece of shite that is on-time, or a properly working update? Quit crying and making threats. For those of you who say, “I’m not rooted”, grow a pair, root, and load CM9.

  • Marc Schipperheyn

    So, let me get this correctly. After more than one year, I’m still waiting for ICS because T-Mobile needs more time to implement their unremovable crapware.

  • fucktmobile

    tmobile is a joke….going to verizon and getting  a nexus galaxy s…

  • Any update to this story>

  • tmo-customer

    Call me paranoid, T-mo delays ICS update to Sensation 4G from the end of March, 2012 to an undetermined future date, then announces the big release of the HTC One S in Mid-April 2012 as the flagship Android phone with ICS and sense 4 from the start.  Same carrier from the same vendor, is this intentional to spur the sensation owner’s to buy the new One S?  This is really testing my patience with the carrier and their commitment to their loyal customers.  I have been with them for more than a decade from the very beginning with the memories of Voicestream…

  • Omarggss

    Its so nasty when tmobile said the update is coming over a year already and now they will not push it to us because they have the HTC One s coming out so they made us be happy about the update coming up then they are so nasty to say no the update is not ready and HTC said is the up to tmobile to give the update to us. And tmobile is now advertising the HTC One like crazy every where… Why can’t they be clear to their customers….

  • Pdaddy

    Man you people are tripping!   I picked up the phone like many of you last summer just as it came out. At the time it had the most current Android op system.  Now you bitch because it hasnt been upgraded yet.  Be patient or go buy a effing new phone.  Supposedly battery consumption is worse.  You may want to wait for some feedback before “upgrading”. It may not be for everyone.  When it comes out though, it’ll be like a new phone.  Should be faster.
    I just hope the freaking maps issue is corrected. 

    • tmo-customer

       Hey, people want to make their phone perform as much to the latest standard as possible, if you didn’t care about having the latest Android, you wouldn’t have bought the Sensation 4G, a G2 was much cheaper and rocking Gingerbread with a physical keyboard (the best o the market arguably) to boot.

  • Tee

    I think you are overreacting.. CynogenMod 9 is better than the official Rom anyway.

  • Kickinpwnr

    I don’t see any updates on this, and ICS has released finally. However one of the post about waiting is totally a good call. So far not worth the headache. I have had frequent phone crashes/restarts since my upgrade and on top of that I went to use my mobile hotspot which I had been using on a regular basis, to find out they now want 15$ a month to use this service. The agent explained that the updated made it so the phone communicated the use of the hotspot to T-Mobile. I mean over all it is a new look and feel, but no substance to it that would warrant the need to upgrade NOW… However if you already found this out you should know to call T-Mobile and b*tch up a storm they drop the price to 5$ a month and your grandfathered in so they can’t screw you any more on the hotspot.

  • anne

    Just got the.update, I don’t usually complain about “changes” with intentions of making things better, but this update really fucking sucks! It truely seems that it was a downgrade rather than an upgrade.