T-Mobile confirms Samsung Galaxy Note is coming soon

July 16, 2012

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We've known the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3-inch "phablet" was headed to T-Mobiles stores and customers sometime soon, but they never formally announced anything. Today however T-Mobile outed the news on Twitter, stating it was coming soon but providing no further details. After countless leaks it's about time they announce a release date.

We've seen marketing materials, cases appearing in stores, and even heard July 11th release date rumors for a few weeks. Sadly last week it apparently got delayed until sometime in August (a little bird told us August 8th.) None of this is confirmed or even official -- by the way. Today T-Mobile has finally confirmed its existence, but that is all the details they released.

As you can see from the Tweet, the Galaxy Note is indeed headed to T-Mobile but we'll have to wait for more information. We can expect T-Mobile and Samsung to make a formal announcement sometime in the coming weeks, for now this will have to do. Hopefully it will be upgraded to the Qualcomm S4 processor like the Galaxy S III, and we know it will come out of the box with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. After countless leaks and rumors are suggesting a Galaxy Note 2 sequel coming in October, maybe they should just wait. We'll update once we hear more.

[via Engadget]

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  • Guoxin Li

    isn’t it little too late?

    • sorta.. we’ll probably hear about the Galaxy Note 2 September 1st at IFA

      • True, but
        1) Once the Note 2 is out, the original will be cheaper
        2) This almost guarantees that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be on Tmobile

  • Kaldrooby

    Samsung Note for T-Mobile USA will be released Aug 8, 2012. However I would wait for Samsung Note 2 as it is a far superior improved Note with big possibility of carrying the LTE technology as well as an improved 5.5 inch screen, the quad chip and better camera resolution, Is it worth the wait ? It all depends how fast you want the speed for the internet. Finally T-Mobile is catching up !!!! The Samsung Note 2, theGalaxy SIII and hopefully the iphone 5 will give T-Mobile the lead in phones and rates and should leap to 1st place. Go T-Mobile. Its about time !!!

  • Well I’m being waiting for this phone ever since I first laid my eyes on it,even before it came to the u.s. now is coming to T-Mobile and I’m counting the days so I can lay my hands on this cool piece of technology,