T-Mobile Concord announced as most affordable smartphone – just $99

August 23, 2012

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The folks at T-Mobile just dropped the news regarding their newest Android smartphone to grace customers nationwide. It's called the T-Mobile Concord and is being touted as their "most affordable smartphone." This new device is a contract free and budget friendly. They're calling it the perfect phone for first time smartphone buyers. More details below.

This ultimate back-to-school priced device is a rather mid-range phone at best, but offers an exceptional value and comes with no annual contract. That's right. This is a contract free Android smartphone all for just $99 from T-Mobile. The phone is actually made by ZTE, but looks quite nice for the price.

With the T-Mobile Concord you'll get a decent little 3.5-inch display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 2 megapixel camera (for those Facebook shots) and a 2GB SD card included. The important thing here is you'll get all of that with no annual contract for only $99.

T-Mobile is also touting this as the perfect device for a first time smartphone buyer. With an easy to use interface and simplistic design and more. The brand new ZTE T-Mobile Concord is available right now starting today at Walmart for $99.98, and you can expect to see it arrive in Target stores nationwide on August 26th for $99.99 as well. Read more over at ZTE.com

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  • Firehazel

    What about the Kyocera Rise coming out on the 31st? It has the same screen size, running ICS, 3MP camera with flash, and a QWERTY slideout keyboard for the same price on Virgin Mobile. The only things this phone has over the Rise is the GSM portability and T-Mobile’s HSPA network.

  • I have had this phone for almost a month now.
    Battery life is great. Nice android starter phone.
    And not being under a contract is great.
    But that is the end of its greatness and niceness.
    Till someone figures out how to root this. To be able to move the apps to the SD card. This phone has no memory. So don’t plan on downloading apps to play or work until it gets rooted.
    I can’t even do updates on the phone cause its displays phone storage space is getting low.
    So out of 5 stars I give this phone a one star.

  • Harleygirl883

    Hate this phone. My battery only lasts one day. Did the app’s update one time, now says phone is full. Touch keyboard hard to use. Camera is ok not great, hard to press touchscreen button and take your own pic.

  • Terrible Terrence

    had mine for a month, no problems, but the optional speed boost is a must.