Similar to what we have seen with Google Wallet and Verizon Wireless, it looks like T-Mobile has offered a bit of insight in terms of which mobile payment system that will be supporting. Basically, it seems T-Mobile is blocking Google Wallet in support of ISIS. This latest bit comes by way of a recent question that was posed to the T-Mobile help account on Twitter.

The carrier was asked if there was any timeline as to when Google Wallet support would be available for the Galaxy Note II. Well, in a bit of not so happy news for Google Wallet hopefuls, T-Mobile responded with the following; “We’re supporting ISIS, the wireless payment standard for mobile devices.”

While disappointing, this news is probably not all that surprising. After all, we saw the T-Mobile ISIS test program and app launch in October of 2012. The issue here comes down to support as for now, ISIS availability is pretty limited. At present the ISIS support is limited to Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas.

Naturally this response brought a few complaints, however it also brought another interesting point. The person that originally posed the question responded with a complaint about how ISIS is only available in those two markets and with word that if they rooted their handset they could use Google Wallet. That is certainly one way to handle the issue, of course, that is likely not a route that will be taken by many.

All said and done, having Google Wallet blocked in favor of ISIS doesn’t seem like it will help do anything to further the availability of mobile payments. Then again, maybe mobile payments are not quite ready to catch on and the eventual widespread rollout of ISIS will be the take off. After all, it is hard to argue with the three carrier (T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and AT&T) backing of ISIS.

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SOURCE: Twitter

  • I’m disappointed in T-Mobile.

    However, I don’t see how they’re going to block the app for people who bring their own phones to the service, such as people like me who bought a Nexus 4 from Google.

  • I understand the risks, but explain why I can’t just use Google Wallet without having to worry about the carrier’s support? Just let me download the app and assume the risks if I want to, instead of wanting to make money off of me using my money how I want.

  • Dear AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon,

    Go fuck yourselves.
    That is all.

    Guy who’s pissed off that you are hindering the expansion of Mobile Payment systems.

  • Edward Daniels

    I’m surprised at t-mobile for this move they pulling on there customers. i expect this kinda behavior from Verizon not T-Mobile. i hate it when carriers block things for other services that is no different from the ones already in existence.i think this is a bad move from T-Mobile to block Google wallet. what is ISIS going to do that wallet cant do. plus ISIS ist even available but they are willing to kill Google Wallet for it. LML these companies are strange.

  • keha

    The first company that frees me from carrying my credit card wins. It’s that simple.

    But already NFC seems a little dated. Why should I have to pull out my cell phone right there at checkout? Square Wallet seems the best approach to “pay” beforehand but they need to partner with a few more big retailers NOW to gain relevance.

    I’ve been using an Exxon SpeedPass dongle to pay for gas for 7+ years now. Contact-free payments aren’t that complicated but it seems every company is trying to have a stake and mucking up the process for us all.

    • CellGuru

      Just make sure your phone is charged up, your in coverage, and you’ve paid your phone bill (likely with a traditional credit card) if you want to buy anything.

      Paper money, plastic, and coins don’t have these requisite requirements. It would be acquard if you went somewhere to buy something, and your phone wasn’t charged.

      Also, make sure if you sit down at a restaurant, be sure to request a server that doesn’t have a history of having sticky fingers, or known to drop and break phones between waiting on tables. One drop of a phone, and it will cost more than dinner.

      Hmm. Actually, my tip to you is this- don’t present your phone for payment at a restaurant. Just carry a wallet, and leave a cash tip. Waitstaff still prefers a cash tips.