If you ever get the feeling like you’re just a number to your cellular provider, think again. If you’re an AT&T customer, and you take to Twitter to lament your situation, you could just start a bidding war for your affections. One AT&T customer found that out recently, when a blind complaint into the Twitter winds resulted in a spat between the two carriers.

In questioning his allegiance to AT&T following news that T-Mobile didn’t charge for overseas shipping, Jay Rooney got more than he bargained for. T-Mobile responded with “you know there’s an alternative to old-school wireless carriers, right?” Rooney then responded by letting T-Mobile know that once his contract was up with AT&T, he’d make the switch. That’s when it got internet-y.

What could have been left as one customer speaking with a PR rep from a carrier with a very active social presence led to hair pulling and slap-fighting. As T-Mobile was welcoming a new customer, AT&T chimed in with “Resist the urge, Jay. We heard its dark, scary and no one can ever hear you. No one.” Again, it could have been dropped right there, but T-Mobile went un-Twitterer and clapped back with “@ATT Did your kindergarten panel write that for you? @RamblingRooney Global data at no extra charge vs. $$$$$$ #ItsNotComplicated”.

AT&T Twitter

When Rooney gleefully welcomed the feuding, AT&T dismissed the fury, saying “No gloves out over here, Jay. It’s too close to the holidays to be so disgruntled.” Done, right? Everyone is catty, and nobody gets hurt in a Twitter battle. Wrong.

John LeGere, T-Mobile CEO, decided he’d officiate. Challenging AT&T’s CEO to chime in, LeGere said “@TMobile @ATT @RamblingRooney @RamblingRooney bet @ATT’s CEO isn’t going to join the convo. Come join the #WirelessRevolution! #Uncarrier”.

So there you have it — two carriers, one customer, and a whole lot of Twitter-y fury. What can we say? We like to watch two carriers fight over customers. The winner? You decide.

  • Fish

    Well… I was a T-mobile customer for 10 years… that was until the day they overcharged me for over 800 dollars… I needed customer service assistance… and they rudely just kept avoiding me and referring me to more people that kept doing the same… I am sure I am not the only one.

    • Techngro

      We’ve all had those kinds of experiences. Sprint didn’t record a change of plan for my account and ended up charging me $300 for a month of service, which I only realized when they shut off my phone as I was on my way to the airport for a flight to Denmark!

      But I feel confident that overall, despite a misstep here or there, T-Mobile is the most responsive wireless carrier of the bunch, and they are trying hard to not piss their customers off. I can’t say the same for any of the others who, honestly, don’t give a rat’s @$$ about us.

  • kennyg357

    Customer support at T-Mobile has done me right for the last 7 years I’ve been with them. They have always treated me with respect and have gone over and above what they needed to. For that reason I have stayed with them despite my ability to get a discount through work with Verizon.

  • boonesimpson

    I like this feisty tmo, I just wish their network was more powerful as I would love to go GSM and get easier access to unlocked phones that the VZW won’t let you unlock the bootloaders on.

    But alas, my company uses VZW, and so I will champion on with my Droid 4 until something better comes along.

  • iamcris

    The mobile landscape has shifted and T-Mobile clearly is the winner. T-Mobile is forcing the other carriers to adapt or literally be left behind. T-Mobile wins this and will continue to have me as a satisfied customer for 1 1/2 years and very I am pleased with the network and it’s coverage where I live and travel.

  • Ive switched to T-Mobile from Sprint and I could not be happier. The LTE/HSPA+ is faster than the average cable internet connection. Its beautiful!

    My only complaint is the tech support for T-Mobile is barely acceptable but honestly no carrier has great support.