T-Mobile was the last carrier to enable 4G LTE wireless data into service, but it looks like as of today, it’s not just limited to a few cities in a few states. According to Twitter and emails sent to many tech sites, there have been numerous sightings of LTE in Dallas, Denver, and Wichita. With this news, it looks like 4G LTE for T-Mobile is spreading fast.

T-Mobile itself is looking to cover 100 million POPs by summers end, and is limited to only seven official markets. Before today, it was only live in 9 different cities; Denver, Las Vegas, Kansas City, New Orleans, New York, Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, and Seattle.

Verizon and AT&T were the first to the scene with 4G LTE. Now that T-Mobile is slowly making its rounds in major cities across America, they’ll likely find that more people may opt to switch to them based on their plans and coverage. The speeds we are seeing again appear to be averaging 25Mbps down and 8Mbps up with a 40ms latency, which is exactly what we saw before.

Although T-Mobile is the last major player to the ballgame of 4G LTE, we do expect a full rollout very soon, at which point you too, wherever you may live city-wise in the USA, will be able to join the 4G LTE crowd. As for the rest of you who live in rural areas, you can expect a rollout to almost all of you by mid 2014. At least according to T-Mobile. Add in their 4G LTE with a new UNcarrier plan and you’ll be set. A full list can be found below.


  • Qbancelli

    “Before today, it was only live in 9 different cities; Denver, Las Vegas, Kansas City, New Orleans, New York, Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, and Seattle.”

    NY and NO, Really?
    I guess my Nexus 4 is lying to me.

    • The Nexus 4 is HSPA+ bud.. Not LTE

      • Tyrone W

        unless he flashed a rom with the right radio setting then you can make the LTE function on the Nexus 4 work (it does have LTE radio,not sure why its not turned on though) , or make it work if you have 4.2.1 i believe

      • SlenderSniper

        Google intentionally disabled the 4gLTE radio because the Nexus 4 didn’t go through the FCC as am LTE device.

      • That and apparently it’s only very select LTE radios at that. Not all. So it won’t be all that useful.


  • Rudy Belova

    Only getting it in parts of San Diego. Nothing in Ocean beach, pacific beach, and midway area. Part of hillcrest only too (near ucsd hospital)

  • UO88

    I live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota and have had T-Mobiles LTE for about a month now. I can also confirm that speeds are around 25Mbps down. I did reach 29Mbps down and 19Mbps up the other day.

  • gruvsf

    I’m seeing rolllout of LTE fro T-Mo in parts of SF as well.

    • JMonkeYJ

      what parts have you seen it? i’d like to try it out but haven’t noticed it in SF yet….

      • gruvsf

        Mostly downtown near Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, and random areas off of Mission street further south near Richland Ave.

      • gruvsf

        also parts of Stockton Street, up and down Chinatown

  • John doe

    Lte showed up on my phone in Dallas earlier today! Love it

  • Craig Hawkins

    Have only 1-2 bars of LTE here in Englewood, CO. Speeds are usually 25Mbps. I did get one that was 36600.

  • Ronan

    It started today in Dallas and I hope these speeds would be consistent. Love LTE on Tmobile, it was definitely worth the wait.

  • jinx

    Albuquerque has it lte turned in today

  • joshuamuthumani

    I live just outside Philly and I have a LTE Yahooo!!!

  • ronin4740

    Was in Sacramento yesterday and was seeing 4G LTE. Today am seeing it in my home city of Reno – near downtown and the SW!!!

  • Josh

    Live in Hampton Roads Virginia too, I’m using a Nexus

  • Wade

    Out in Sacramento on my iPhone 5

  • JG

    Got LTE in Dallas today

  • jj

    Got lte in long island ny

  • azulhalo

    I’m glad I’m not the only person super-psyched to have LTE in the DFW. My S4 is really something mean right about now.

  • djkhalid

    nashville,tn i got lte 3 different times

  • Frack

    Full LTE in Bronx NY

  • Myclevername

    Working here in Dania, Florida. Little town between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. But NOT working up in Fort Lauderdale. They must be turning it on tower by tower.

  • pyratbiker

    Getting hints of it in West Palm. Just one bar on and off. But it’s trying.

  • Eric

    Using the Speedtest app, I average at 25.93Mbps on the LTE band and 17.61Mbps on HSPA+ 42 in Jersey City NJ.

  • Adam

    Getting Full LTE el paso texas full bars 36 mps dwnload

  • dlux24

    I’m getting 30 and 13 in wichita, ks

  • jb

    seattle, seatac 20+, 15+

  • czm2000

    Just went live in Rochester, NY! 19/4

  • J Haynes

    Winston Salem NC is live but not full strength just yet. Can’t break over 30 down 15 or so up but it has gone down to 2 down .5 up. I’m sure they will turn it up soon

  • TylerRR

    Getting 4g lte on galaxy note 2 in Ann Arbor, MI. Speed test reported 24 down 10 up, second test got 28 down 11 up.

  • dave m

    Lowell, chelmsford and tewksbury massachusetts have coverage at an average of 28 down and 11 up.

  • kiddjuan

    I I live in dallas tx i got the galaxy note 2 but something is wrong I use to have full bars and I went down to 1 bar and I dont got LTE :c I hope they fix it

  • Catillac

    What does it mean when mine keeps going from E to LTE? I live in a rural area (small town, pop. !4,000) that Tmobile has never had LTE. Are they upgrading in smaller areas too? Lord, please!!!!