Oh man I know you love updates, why not download one today? Courtesy of Verizon you’ll receive your very own updated Twitter with new authentication support, updated Amazon widget, updated News & Weather widget, and a brand freaking new added Gmail user interface. What more could you want? Oh you want improvements to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync? Well there’s that too, including handing of server-side inactivity timeouts of 34 minutes or greater, continuation of syncing of emails after a policy refresh, and support for Exchange 2010 connections. Such a bunch of freshness!

To grab yourself a brand new update, head on over to Droid Upgrade on Verizon for a few easy clicks and bam! You’ll have it. Also I’d like to take a moment to show my love for the fact that every time I see a DROID poster or advertisement, I’m able to look down at the bottom and see this: “DROID is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its related companies. Used under license.” I think that’s fun. You can never escape George Lucas.


  • mossholderm

    Following the instructions doesn’t seem to grab the update :/ Even going into Airplane more, and then enabling WiFi doesn’t kick it into gear.

  • Dan

    Am I missing something? It looks to me like you need to be notified of the update. You can’t just go download it.

  • You can just grab the update.zip from one of the many sites that host the factory build, put it on your sd card, and reboot into service mode. The rest is pretty easy.

  • JohnH

    It got pushed to me tonight. It seems to have also fixed the problem with WiFi WPA2 AES