When you but a smartphone, the storage listed isn’t what you actually get. The operating system has to be fitted in, so you end up with less. That’s pretty common knowledge, but who does it best? Who is giving you the most storage? The Android world might lag behind the entry level iPhone, but the hero device we all crave isn’t far behind.

 A study was conducted by UK site Which, posing the question of which current smartphone has the most storage when you get it in-hand. Out of the box, nothing loaded or added, who gives you the most available memory on your 16GB device? As mentioned, the iPhone 5C is the winner, giving you 12.60GB after iOS is loaded. The Nexus 5 is second, giving us 12.28GB after KitKat is loaded. The iPhone 5S ranks third with 12.20GB, understandable since it adds some features (fingerprint scanning) the 5C doesn’t. Rounding out the top five are the Xperia Z1 with 11.43GB, and the Blackberry Z30 with 11.20GB.

From there, we find ourselves further lamenting skinned Android devices. The HTC One mini has 10.44GB, showing the bulk of Sense when compared to stock Android. The LG G2 is close behind with 10.37GB, leaving Samsung to pick up the rear. With 8.56GB available on a 16GB device, TouchWiz is showing its age — and bulk. Swallowing up nearly half of your system memory is just silly, but there is a saving grace.

Though we dislike the bulky skins some OEMs put on, the inclusion of an SD card slot tends to bail them out in this regard. The main offender here is the biggest winner when it comes to memory add-ons, as the S4 will support up to a 64GB SD card. The top three don’t offer such storage options, instead asking that you utilize the cloud. Now that you know your memory takeaways, the choice of cloud or local storage is up to you.
VIA: Cult of Android

  • guest

    Why are companies are still getting away with this? If I intend to buy a new phone with 16gb of memory like the S4 I can only use the half of it?? It should be the responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure it has atleast 16gb of usable space on it but unfortunately that’s not the world we are living in…

    • melhiore

      It is happening because people still buying them products…

    • Quadraphonic

      This has been a hot subject to debate. But I remember a commenter mentioned that it’s been this way with PC’s for decades. You buy a PC with 250 GB HDD, and 20 GB will be taken by the OS and apps installed. I think it’s an issue because cell phones already have a limited amount of space, and some manufacturers are moving away from SD Cards, which I think is a move towards the wrong direction.

    • iq android

      They always are going to advertise the installed amount. What sense would it make for them to give the amount after OS installed and bloatware apps? That’s why I always root and install a debloated version of Android OS.

  • PmC

    Nexus 4: 12.95 GB (CM 11, if that makes any difference). My next phone needs a MicroSD slot…

    • Cosmeen Ionut

      Nexus 4 stock 4.4.2: 12.9 GB. They should’ve included more phones in this comparison. It would’ve been interesting.

  • Carson

    Did this article account the fact that Apple counts bytes by decimals and Andriod counts bytes by binary?

  • Venkat Narsi Reddy

    what about the moto g with kitkat and jb4.3

    • Your Mom

      Lol… When I read this I thought you meant Justin Bieber4.3…

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  • LoveACbutYouGuysNeedAnEditor

    When you but a smartphone = When you buy a smartphone