Free WiFi has long been available at Starbucks locations and while that is not going away, there will soon be a change in providers. Basically, it looks like Google will be taking things over from AT&T and while Starbucks visitors will still be able to get their free WiFi fix, it does look like there will be some improvements.

Coming by way of the Google announcement, there is a mention of faster speeds. Google has said that once the switchover takes place you will be able to "surf the web at speeds up to 10x faster than before." And in addition, those visiting a Starbucks that happens to be located in a Google Fiber city may see even faster speeds. For this Google has said the connection would be up to 100x faster.

There hasn't been a specific timeline given for individual stores, however Google has said the switch from AT&T provided WiFi would begin this month. The catch though, this process is expected to take a full 18 months before all 7,000 Starbucks locations have been switched over to Google provided WiFi. Simply put, your local Starbucks may have AT&T WiFi for some time moving forward.

While the speed improvements sound nice, the bottom line is this is still going to be free WiFi. That said, those visiting Starbucks on a regular basis will likely notice the changeover when the current SSID disappears in favor of the new, which will be "Google Starbucks."

SOURCE: Official Google Blog

IMAGE: Starbucks

  • Dead Star Takes a Major Hit

    Someone’s ass at AT&T is on the line for this f-up? “Feel the force, Google.”

  • flashfast2000

    The free service has always been great. But the improved speeds will be nice because the current speeds can be painfully slow.

  • Nick V

    I wonder if this will be the same for Barnes and Noble stores? Whether I am visiting Barnes and Noble or Starbucks, the AT&T WiFi is awful.

  • Phone_Junkie

    The speeds at Starbucks locations within the Google infrastructure footprint should be ridiculously awesome and rock solid. For the rest of the locations, keep in mind that the service is only as good as the local provider’s network can deliver, and the truth is that every local provider has deteriorated facilities unless they have gone the way of fiber. That said, I would not expect a whole lot of improvement in the immediate future. Outside of the Google footprint I am sure it will be nothing more than a mere rebranding. I could be wrong.

  • Andrea Camacho

    Good, AT&T sucks ass as it is