Sprint wants you! to vote in their poll which mobile platform they should be focusing on

October 29, 2010

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No, Sprint isn't trying to recruit you to join the army, but they do want your opinion. Sprint is holding a poll on the community part of their website. They want to know what mobile platform they should focus on the most: Android, Palm webOS, Blackberry, and Windows 7.

Who knows on whether or not Sprint will pay attention to these results or how it will affect what phones they decide to sell, but its an opportunity for Sprint customers to have their voices heard. I'd personally love to see some more high end Android devices like their current HTC EVO 4G which is one of the top smartphones on the market currently. Plus with Sprint's 4G network, the possibilities are endless. Palm webOS is currently in the lead, but hopefully Android can make a comeback and win this. Before you head over to the site and vote, you have to be a Sprint customer. So if you are go ahead, as for the rest of you, you'll just have to watch. If only that big red Android mascot was rallying people to its cause in the streets right about now...

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