Are we having issues sending text messages from our Sprint powered phone this afternoon? Don’t worry because you are not alone, apparently the network is currently down and Sprint is working diligently to get it back up and running. We have received plenty of complaints regarding this issue and if you head to @SprintCare they have the same problem and are getting loads of complaints.

I know we all TXT plenty in this crazy world of technology, and apparently Sprint either forgot that for a few minutes (update: hours) or they are having a few issues that are taking more than an hour or so to fix. @SprintCare is getting plastered with complaints and they have replied with a few words such as: “our network team is aware and are working to get txts back up and running as fast as we can.”

For now it looks like users have two options, one being they can actually “call” someone, or the second option being you could cancel your service and run for the nearest 4G company. I’m thinking Cricket, what about you guys? Just a thought! Feel free to report below in the comments if you are also having issues, as well as updates if the service comes back online. If you’d like to voice your anger feel free to hit the source link and mention it to Sprint on Twitter.

[via SprintCare]

  • Anonymous

    switched to cricket, used, was able to use the same htc evo i had with sprint..

  • Um, like a huge part of Crickets coverage runs off Sprint’s 3G service. Although the text messaging may be an internal Sprint problem. But if Sprint has network issues, it’s likely to carry over to Cricket.

  • Pinagirl123

    I have Sprint. I’ve been calling for months now and Sprint tells me there is nothing wrong. That’s crazy! I’ve called for the past two days. I’ve read all of these sites telling how some people are having problems receiving and sending text messages and have been for months. Gues what…I’m one of those. I can’t get texts from AT&T friends. Every time I call Sprint personnel tell me they have not heard anything about the text messaging problems. Oh they did offer me $100.00 off my next bill….only thing, I would have to give them another year. My friend told me he just got 10 text messages from me that I had started sending on Friday night…he just got them today, Tuesday. Thanks Sprint you’ve done a great job…NOT!!! Sprint is a joke and the BBB and consumer affairs will be hearing about this…AT&T here I come.