Uh… so this is weird. Invites have just gone out to publishers for an event hosted by Sprint at which we’ll all “See what Sprint has up it’s Sleeve.” It’ll be invitation only (like these things usually are,) and will showcase “yet another industry first.” And David Blaine will be there. Uh… neat? Chances are it WONT be an iPhone unless Sprint has some magical way to integrate 4G connectiveness without changing the iPhone hardware (that was the holdback for Verizon yesterday), it’ll be more than likely some other kind of wackiness.

On the other hand, now that I think of it, these invites seem to have only been sent out to Android-specific sites, so almost CERTAINLY not an iPhone (unless they just want everyone to punch them in the nose.) Or maybe it’s the Facebook phone!? No way. Any guesses as to what’s up?

  • SPOILER ALERT: CDMA Windows Phone7

  • MarkC

    They’re going to announce that rather than upgrade the Epic 4G to Android 2.2, which is six months late in coming, they’re just going to fix the GPS and call it good.

  • MarkC

    Actually, I really believe it’s going to be a new 4G WebOS device of some sort. This would coincide with HP’s new device event a couple of days later.

  • John Criton

    I can’t be sure if Apple started it but we know they do it damn well. But its really funny how everyone now wants to announce products like Apple. Either do it better or do something else.

  • dj

    I think David Blaine is going to do an illusion to show off sprint next flag ship phone which could be the HTC 3d phone that was rumored. So evo 2 ?

  • Bravo

    The invitation says “its sleeve,” not “it’s sleeve.”

  • Art Jones


  • David Guzman

    Would be cool if they announce all there 4G phones have LTE support.

  • MonkeyDuh

    US 4g Tablet….duh

  • Blackberry Torch, maybe 4G?

  • truth

    David Blaine, who is a real magician, calls Jobs “the ultimate showman who keeps the audience excited the whole way leading up to the reveal.”

    Sprint Iphone, book it.

  • ruan

    I’ll bet it’s the 4g webos tablet. The slate was ready a while ago and webos 2 is getting developed for something. It would be smart if they support Android and W7mobile on the same hardware, as well. They aren’t that smart.

  • austinguy

    Who cares if Sprint get’s the iPhone they still have crappy customer service. I would NEVER switch back

  • Noah

    Actually Sprints customer service has been the best I have had in 10 years. I have previously been on AT&T and I got out of a long term Verizon contract to go on Sprint. Verizon was breaking my bank every month. I did not get great service. They said it was because of the phone they sold me. Which they refused to replace with a different one. Dropped calls everyday. Had to stand in a corner of my house to be heard.

    I switched to Sprint… Halved my bill. No more hidden charges at the end of the month. No more overages charges (free mobile to mobile any carrier) Now I also have internet. For HALF of Verizon. Plus sprint phone coverage roams on Verizon free. So why pay double?

    Sprint has treated me more than well. For the first time in 10 years I am happy with my cell phone company. Sprint was even kind enough to offer me a new phone every year and I did not sign up for that in the original contract.

    Sprint may have sucked 5 or more years ago……. but that was then and this is now. Now Sprint rocks….

  • Dylan

    It will either be the windows 7 phone or the palm mansion tablet.

  • SoKal26

    It’s not going to be an iphone, not a webOS device, not a 4G tablet…as all of those are either 1…have nothing to do with android….and 2, not an industry first. What would be sexy is the introduction of their Wimax2 network…impossible? possible. Or maybe the EVO 2, 3D ofcourse…or maybe David Blaine will make that $10 premium data fee “POOF,” disapear.

  • its an android phone stupid thats why only android websites got an invite hey were announcing a webos device and then only invite android people. tu eres loco en la cabeza…
    android es mujer!!!!!

  • urmomisfugly

    we speak eglish in this cuntry

  • ted

    @Noah. blah blah whine….o yes…Sprint customer service sooo good nooow. Sooo Cheap. Roam soo Goood off Verizoon toowers… except Sprint paayy yoo too.

  • DeeWayne

    I really hope that Sprint gets the iPhone. As improbable as it may seem to all the naysayers and haters at large, getting the phone would be a good business move for the company. You clue is the fact that Sprint CEO Hesse said “no comment” in response to questions regarding a Sprint iPhone. If there was no chance or discussion of the phone he would have just said “no.” That’s something to think about….

  • DanielJS

    Can you image? Sprint iPhone with 4g and tethering. That would be a game changer. I’m not sure though. I have a feeling this is a 4G WebOS tablet or phone. I’m hoping for an iPhone with 4G…debating whether this is just puffery or if it is worthing ivesting some cash. Sprint’s stock is uber cheap and AT&T would be get kicked in the nuts if Sprint gets a 4G enabled iPhone. It would be oh so epic.


    Sprint’s “industry first” will be “Tethering” included on all smart phone plans.

  • john

    That $10th premium data charge is going to start being charged to 3G phones after Jan. 30. This will only effect contracts started after that day though.

  • The Sorcerer

    Definitely the first 3D phone

  • Storm

    It won’t be an iphone, although sprint will get an iphone eventually considering they have changed their android ads that slammed the iphone. Verizon made the same move months before they had their iphone. So I do see an iphone in Sprints future but I doubt that is their announcement.