Spotify now streaming at no charge on Android devices

December 11, 2013

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We saw the rumors suggesting Spotify was going to begin offering free and ad-supported mobile access this week. And well, coming by way of a small Spotify event this morning, that news has since been confirmed. Android users will now be able to stream Spotify for free on a tablet or smartphone.

The streaming will be ad-supported, however Spotify has said users will be able to "listen to all the playlists you’ve created and playlists from the people you follow." Users will be able to listen, save, shuffle and also share from their mobile devices. This includes listening to the entire catalog of any specific artist.

Spotify has also mentioned this includes playlist discovery. Or in other words, you should be able to grab a playlist that fits your current mood and/or needs. Say, for those visiting the gym, or for when you are simply looking to kick back. Along with the now free mobile access, there was also some news regarding Led Zeppelin as well as some new markets and numbers.

Beginning today, users will be able to stream Led Zeppelin. The catch here, the entire catalog of their music is being released in stages. They will be releasing two albums per day this week beginning with Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II today.

Spotify has also expanded into 20 new markets. Those new markets break down as follows; Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Malta, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, peru, Slovakia and Uruguay.

And lastly, it was said that Spotify users streamed more than 4.5 billion hours worth of music in 2013.

SOURCE: Spotify Blog

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  • csta

    it’s still not free here in the uk 🙁

    • Eddie

      post in on their FB page

  • me

    It’s still not free in the US. When is it supposed to go live?

    • metoo

      It’s working now.

    • unskinator

      I been using Spotify free for years on my desktop. Not on my mobile thou. Hope it comes soon to my Windows phone.

  • Dikran Iskenderian

    android. the mcdonald’s of phone software

    • Iikran Dskenderian

      iPhone. The Jitterbug of the smartphone world.

    • Eddie

      Likran gotcha lol

  • Andy

    fuck it. grooveshark ftw