After almost a month, Sony’s Xperia Z2 flagship is once again available for pre-orders. The schedule has also been noticeably shifted, with the product page now noting that shipping will start in May.

Sony might be in denial, but it definitely hit some bumps in launching its 2014 smartphone star, at least in the UK. Previously slated for an April release, various Sony online stores suddenly pulled out the device from pre-orders, citing running out of pre-order stocks. Calling it a victim of its own success, Sony categorical denied having any supply shortage and reassured customers that it will ship on time.

Unfortunately, despite its best efforts to assuage customers, later reports went out pointing to a supply chain issue that has pushed back the UK launch by a month. Now the company’s UK online store has indirectly confirmed that by pointing to a new May shipping date, though exact reasons for the delay are, of course, still unknown. The good news is that buyers can now start pre-ordering their Xperia Z2 to make sure that they’re still in the running for getting the smartphone as soon as it starts shipping.


Perhaps better news is that the pre-order promo in the UK still applies. This means that those who pre-order now will get a free SRS-BTX300 wireless NFC speaker. This is all definitely good news for our neighbors across the pond. Unfortunately, Sony remains tight-lipped about the US launch schedule, delayed or otherwise.

VIA: Xperia Blog

  • Jerry Morey

    Gimme some Z2 on VZW

  • Ari Ermawan

    Sony should not stay silent. Sony’s CEO or its authorized representative should provide clear explanation / notification about the Z2 world-wide availability. This should be a formal announcement.

    This is one of Sony’s big moments in the smartphone industry. It has produced an excellent product which has the best overall specs. It is for Sony to loose it all if they keep their potential customer’s in the dark and have to rely on media rumors.

    Potential customers who don’t read reviews & comments may just buy whatever the existing choices shown to them at the store, as they would not have any idea of what will come shortly next.

    Sony, if you read this then could you please provide your response?