Sony Xperia Z Ultra revealed: 6.3″ 1080p and 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 quad

June 25, 2013

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Sony has officially taken the wraps off of its new phablet, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, a whopping 6.4-inch Full HD Android smartphone powered by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 800 chipset. Running at 2.2GHz, the MSM8974 quadcore makes the Xperia Z Ultra one of the fastest - if not, for the moment at least, the fastest - phones around; it also gets 4G LTE and an 8-megapixel camera.

The casing, a svelte 179 x 92 x 6.5mm and 212g, is waterproof and dust-proof, and in fact Sony has raised its game on that front compared to the Xperia Z. Whereas the original phone met IP55/IP57 standards, the new Xperia Z Ultra steps that up to IP58.


There's WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS, along with DLNA streaming, and Sony has used its Exmor RS for mobile camera technology and its X-Reality for mobile media optimization tech too. For the first time in a Sony smartphone, there's TRILUMINOS pulled over from the newest BRAVIA TVs, too.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra overview:

[youtube h45uTBGftkQ]

Interestingly, the Xperia Z Ultra's touchscreen - though not designed to work with a specific active stylus, as with the Galaxy Note II - can recognize not only fingers but any conductive material, such as a pencil tip. That makes for easy notetaking and sketching.


Meanwhile, since 6.4-inches of phone might be a bit much to hold to the side of your head for long calls, Sony has also whipped out a new accessory, the SBH52 "mini handset". Hooking up via Bluetooth - with NFC for easier pairing - the hands-free kit can be used as is traditional, with plug-in wired earphones, or held directly to your ear.

Sony SBH52 overview video:

[youtube aSp8yHUDhZc]

Up front there's an OLED display that can show caller ID, music information, and text messages. It also has HD Voice support - network depending - and a standalone FM radio with RDS.

There's also the DK30 magnetic charging dock, which uses the power of magnets to guide the Xperia Z Ultra into place on the charging pins. That comes with two inserts, to suit the phablet whether or not it's wearing an optional case.


The Sony Xperia Z Ultra will go on sale - in purple, white, or black - in Q3 2013, with pricing yet to be confirmed. Sony hasn't given specific dates for the DK30 and SBH52, though we'd assume they'll appear on shelves at the same time as the Xperia Z Ultra.

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  • RobM

    Well done Sony well done, the note three is going to have to be something very special to beat this one

  • Guest

    Awesome Sony. They really step up the level. I’m waiting for what Note 3 has to offer now. If it’s inferior to ZU, I’m switching to ZU.

  • Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo

    But don’t you guys think 6.3 Inch is too big! 5.8-6 inch should have been better for hand…:)

  • mushroomdj

    If this doesn’t inspire Samsung to improve its build quality for the Note 3, nothing will.

  • G1andonly

    Come on dude, that’s to big. Is this where we’re going with this, looks like I’ll be holding on to this here note 2 for a long time until companies come back to there senses, 6.4 notice how no one had it up to there ear to talk.

  • Good phone but can this phone handle easily as it has huge screen?

  • Sony is Back in the Game!

    Actually, I’m somewhat blown away by how comprehensive Sony has launched this product. A look at their accessories for this model indicates Sony is serious about addressing several areas. Clearly a valid attempt at what is currently a niche market—an all-in-one of the smartphone segment. Is Sony now back in the game, whereas before they constantly trailed the competition? It starting to look that way. Good job Sony!

  • Jimmy Le

    what the hell–is it a 6.3″ or is it a 6.4″ inch screen?

  • Greg

    LOVE SBH52 “mini handset”. Hooking up via Bluetooth to make calls. Might be cheaper to use a regular bluetooth headset.

    Like the phonablet size.

  • Plortch

    This might just be the device that replaces my phone and tablet!