Trying to keep up with the growing competition in the smartwatch market, Sony is now rumored to have partnered with Garmin to give its own smartwatch an edge. According to sources, all new Sony SmartWatch 2 devices moving forward will be equipped with a brand new app from the navigation expert.

Although some might consider that the smartwatch movement has picked up only recently, Sony has been one of the few to have first offered such a wearable device, launching the first Sony Smartwatch in 2012. Unfortunately, it was a bit too ahead of its time and the execution of the smartwatch left some wanting for more. Sony hasn’t hinted at any new smartwatch in the works and is instead banking on its already existing SmartWatch 2 to keep it afloat in that category.

Garmin is also another company that is facing growing competition. A household name in navigation devices and software, the company has seen its market share little by little being eaten by other comparable services, particularly Google Maps. Now Garmin is trying to re-establish itself by offering the added value of its services and expertise on top of the Android platform.

This latest partnership between Sony and Garmin might be seen as a way to counter their rivals. While Pebble offers navigation features via Google Maps, Sony’s SmartWatch 2 is advertised to offer higher quality images. It is also rumored that Sony will be putting the Garmin Navigation app into its upcoming Xperia Z2 “Sirius” smartphone as well.

VIA: Pocket-lint

  • Captain_Doug

    I’d like it if they didn’t use those hardware buttons. Doesn’t look very clean.

    • socrateos

      You need at least one physical button to turn on your device. Software buttons do not come to life until your device is turned on! Also physical button is always good for blind touch; you do not have to look into your screen to find a button to click.

      • Captain_Doug

        Sorry, I misspoke. I was referring to the 3 software buttons on the front. Physical buttons are fine.

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