Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick finally unveiled, more Google TV than Chromecast

September 15, 2013

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Sony has briefly taken the covers off an earlier rumored Chromecast competitor and the results might be quite disappointing for some. Turns out that the device, now called the Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick, has little to do with Google's Internet video streaming dongle and more about Google TV and Sony's own TVs.

The device that we caught a glimpse of in an FCC filing was a weird-looking contraption that loosely resembled the Chromecast, especially in the way it connects to the TV. Apparently, that might have been the only similarity between the two devices. Sony's Smart Stick is indeed a TV accessory, but is only compatible with a number of Sony's BRAVIA sets. It is, however, a Google TV device so users will have access to Android apps and additional functionality accessible via a paired remote control sporting a QWERTY keyboard.


The Smart Stick can connect to a BRAVIA not only through an MHL or HDMI plug, but also via infrared. Owners will also be able to pass through their cable or satellite box connection. Connected this way, users gain picture-in-picture functionality, allowing them to browse the web in full screen while a video plays in a smaller window in the right-hand corner of the TV.


Sony has curiously pulled out the blog post that announced the BRAVIA Smart Stick. But the cat is already out of the bag anyway, and those that were eagerly anticipating a Chromecast competitor will unlikely be swayed by this BRAVIA-exclusive device.

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  • Captain_Doug

    Only connects to Sony TV’s? Kinda shooting themselves in the foot on that one.

    • Perv Bear

      Beyond, stupid lol I know like one person with a sony TV…. Everyone else has Samsung, vizio, Philips, even crappy cheap best buy brand. If this is their attempt to grow their TV market share they are beyond mistaken.

      • 0neTw0

        What if the TV has “Sony Guts”? LOL

  • Y314K

    Now this is a device I would be willing to buy… GoogleTV(Hopefully with added ChromeCast built in) + DVR/IRD pass through + Great remote…

    But making it a Sony TV only is #%^!….

    Hopefully this setup will get cloned soon… Probably minus the remote… But with the Pass through + GTV + CC…