Mall Offers Android-based Multimedia Store – Win or Fake?

June 30, 2011

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This is quite the interesting turn - Giga Market Ltc and Seavus Group have whipped up a new "mall" for Android that, if appearances are true, will take the rest of the app stores out there and throw them directly in the trash. This is mall, an Android-based application and multimedia portal where you can purchase and download not only the apps that you love, but e-books, audio books, music, and video. Thus far they've only got apps, but they've got such impressive entries as Plants vs Zombies, Vignette, Angry Birds Seasons, and Falldown - but wait, something looks sort of suspicious…

If you'll take a look in some sections of this new mall, you'll see some rather suspicious looking half-breeds like 1Ninja Jump Free and 1Ant Smasher free - look like malware to you? Beyond that though, things look rather impressive. Whoever designed this mall either has some amazing graphic design and web design skill and is starting up something fantastic here, or the same is true and it's a really intricate way to deliver viruses to your Android device.

Either way, we suggest cation when thinking about working with at the moment. The concept is there, but if the majority of the apps we're seeing aren't legit (and this does seem to be the case,) we're out.

That said, it's interesting that new app stores are still popping up, especially ones with more to offer than just apps. Think of a mall for media delivered straight to your Android device - sound like something sweet to you? Sort of like what Google's been whipping up for years now - perhaps this is a foretelling of the future!

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  • Adam

    I believe this is what used to be Andappstore.

    If memory a serves, the company that originally built it sold it to a consulting company that then re-branded it as this and re-launched this week.

  • Thank you for kind words about Mall. We are very happy that you like it.
    As for your comment about the malware in the mall I must say that every app before being published at Mall is reviewed and tested by our editorial team and therefore it is hardly possible for malware to pass the testing. However, we encourage all our users to report any app that seems suspicious so we can do further testing.