SlashGear’s Massive Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab

October 31, 2010

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Oh the anticipation that came with this one, oh the excitement. It's the poster child of Google's OS done right on a bigger display, as Chris Davies says, and a definite contender for most excellent tablet, right up there with the iPad. With essentially the same dimensions (except thickness) as Amazon's Kindle, it's tiny, solid, creak-free, and a completely sealed unit (no battery access.) The back panel is white (and sometimes black in the US), black on front, and slippery. Easy to hold in several positions, all hardware controls on the right-hand side except power/standby and volume on the top.

More control on the inside than you'd get on an Android phone, (that means a LOT,) has TWO cameras, runs a 1GHz Hummingbird, and connects through Samsung's PDMI-based dock connector rather than USB. Android 2.2 for an already-familiar experience, and a set of lovely apps that raise this device up above the level of smartphone to the higher level that is the tablet. Definitely appealing to those put off by the "closed" nature of the iPad, and the two cameras are no small bonus themselves.

The most telling part of the entire review, here, is that Chris Davies notes he grabs the TAB instead of the iPad to review updates like emails almost all the time when the TAB and the iPad sit side by side. There's just something about it that makes it seem like the one that handles the day better. Check out the entire review over at SlashGear: Samsung Galaxy Tab Review. It's VERY detailed and extensive.

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