SlashGear Gets their Hands On an Advent Vega

December 2, 2010

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Unboxing, hooray! Chris Davies over on SlashGear got one of the coveted Advent Vega tablets in the mail today, lucky lucky, since the place everyone's more than likely to buy them from, DSG, can't keep them from flying off the shelves each time they put them up. This device costs a mere $389 aproximately, and comes with a wall-wart AC adapter, USB cable, quick-start guide, and SD card adapter that you can use with an included 4GB microSD.

The tablet itself is what Chris describes as "hefty", it being longer and thicker, yet narrower than the iPad, with a giant bezel around it's 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen. It's larger than a Galaxy Tab in more than one way, yet although both tablets have the same 1024 x 600 panel, the pixel density on the Samsung makes its screen appear just that little bit nicer. On the other hand, maybe more than just a bit, as Chris notes lots of poor viewing angles when turning the screen even small bits off center. Performance, Chris notes, is fabulous. Apps move fast, browser moves fast, lots of stuff with no lag.

Out of the box, Vega runs Android 2.2 Froyo but does have no access to Android Market and you'll have to do some clicking around and downloading of some custom ROMs and etcetera if you'd like any of Google's custom apps like Google Maps or Gmail. Looking forward to the full review!

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  • Alfred

    Advant Vega is indeed a nice tablet, powerful processor and with android 2.2, capacitive touchscreen, better than many tablets released or to be released,

  • Mike

    Thanks for the review, I recently bought a ViewSonic G Tablet because of the specs on it are good but the UI is rubbish I can’t stand it. I am thinking about returning it for another Tablet. What are your thoughts on the ViewSonic G Tablet? I read you can install other ROMS on the ViewSonic any idea on what ROMS are good for it? Thanks again

  • AS

    Mike – Don’t take it back, root it, install clockwork recovery, install tnt lite and launcher pro and you will be more impressed. For more info check out the xda developers forum.