When this dropped into our inbox I was instantly excited to share it and couldn’t help it but laugh a little. This is the “official” Siri App for Android — sort of. For those that somehow don’t know, Android actually has an awesome set of features called Google Voice Actions. You can see all the details on those right here. Things as simple as, “Set Alarm — 8:30 AM” and it will automatically set your alarm. All you need to do is press that search magnify glass or hit the widget on the homescreen.

This has actually been a part of Android long long before Siri was even unveiled and I’ve been using it with Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices for as long as I can remember. The application that is available now in the Android Market called Siri for Android probably wont be there long and I’m sure Apple wont be happy about it either.

This application is a Siri icon that opens “Google’s Voice Actions” app. Let me repeat that — This application is only a Siri icon that opens the default “Google’s Voice Actions” app. It is actually nothing at all, it doesn’t have Siri powers and it wont make your phone better. Why? Because it doesn’t need to. I probably wont be installing this application on my phone because I already know of and use the Google Voice Actions daily. It is pretty funny reading the reviews in the market loving the app, not knowing they’ve had it all along.

Maybe Google needs to make Google Voice Actions more noticeable. Personally the demo that pops up on first use was enough for me and I’d like to think the same for others.

Update: While Google hasn’t pulled the app from the market it now says incompatible with all your devices when I try to install. A few minutes ago it was compatible with the more than 20 in my list. That was fast!

[via Android Market]

  • Chris Olson

    Nice, now it’s time to read up on Google Voice actions, thanks for the link – which is more interesting than ‘Siri’ anyhow.  I wonder if Apple will ‘re-invent’ the wheel, (iWheel or maybe iCircle, anyone?) and patent that, as well.

    • You get this is an Android fanboi site right? You get that Google Voice Actions don’t work nearly as good as this guy is making them out. In fact they are terrible, nothing like Siri, and a pain in the ass to use.

      These Android sites sure like to lie a lot, and people don’t question, they are too busy believing everything they read on the internet. Siri is way different then what google has on their phone stock for 1. For 2 Siri was ported to Android about a week after it was released on the iPhone, it’s called Iris(Original I know)

      I had a Galaxy S2 with and messed around with the voice commands a lot, I had constant issues with the phone not recognizing anything.

      If we really want to go on about voice commands and what have you, this feature is no different than the voice control on my moms 5 year old samsung flip phone.

      ….. oh sorry I forgot where I was “BRIAJHTLKJAHGL:HNDAGL:BJ Apple sucks!!!! BRAINS!@!!!! WHO NEEDS EM”

      •  Google Voice Actions works perfectly for me on my Samsung S II. If you need reassurance there are plenty of apple fanboi sites you can take solace in, but fact remain. Google voice command work very well

      • Marissa

         I started using Google voice commands with my OG Droid back in Jan 2010. It was garbage then and it still is now. Apparently Android isn’t capable of understanding a light British accent? It’s never worked on less than three tries for me and always calls the wrong people. I now have a Droid 4 and it has not changed remarkably over the last 2 years. I agree with you – but it is pointless to talk about how people believe whatever they read. It will always be true that many people choose not to form an opinion of their own, and copy someone’s whose is appealing to them.

        BTW I love my boyfriend’s Siri, we talk to her all the time. I will eventually be picking up an iPhone (5? whatever the newest one will be after the 4S) because it is just a simpler device in the end. I’ve rooted and rommed and had my fun with android but I am tired of the games.

  • Anonymous

    From this article, one might assume that iPhones haven’t had voice control since 2009…I remember using it on my old 3GS…but hey, voice actions is soo much better since its command based…lol….so silly…

  • Pbrig

    Attempted to set my alarm via voice command. A pop up states I have to download the latest clock for Android. I click ‘OK’ only to go to web page “not found”. Apple has little to fear. SGS2 / Froyo.

    • That is cuz your on FroYo.

      and what SGS2 is on Froyo?

  • Anonymous

    That siri crap is nothing more than a gimmick. My father in law just got his iphone and tried to find the nearest kragen auto parts and siri doesn’t even seem to understand what he was saying.

  • Anonymous

    its been pulled from the market.

  • Top Gear

    So I can tell it to ‘Wake me up at 6am tomorrow’ and it’ll work?

    • Logan

      Yup for sure and you can tell it to remind you either at a specific time or PLACE and it will do so.

      • Logan

        Oops, didn’t realize how old this thread is. ….. hahahahahaha!

  • Shinshotokan


    Because Kragen Auto Parts isnt around anymore dumbass. They are now O’Reilly Auto Parts.

    • Guest

      And the thing is, google knows that.


      Asked on my Galaxy Nexus.

      Google search is far more intuitive than Siri, that’s just one example. I can’t tell if you’re an apple fan boy/girl or just a troll though.

  • Qwertz

    After 20 tries I gave up. It’s hopless.

  • Eandroid

    Siri for Android is the best personal assistant on your phone 

  • ProGuest

    I tested this and it’s a joke. Doesn’t do anything. 
    I can recommend Skyvi. I have tested it and so far had only good experience.  You can find more info here: http://samsunggalaxys3review.net/siri-for-android-skyvi/

  • Siri for Android

    http://www.mytalkingcar.com/ is music you can load on your android with Siri’s voice- it is quite a hilarious personality…

  • saeed hussain

    guys Google voice has no practical use.i cant use it on android 4 ics without a working data connection or WiFi..siri is the only best feature of iphone over android..

    • Anorangegrape

      you need data or wifi for siri too.

  • Google voice command work very well

  • Mark

    fuck you. i am gonna switch to apple 4s 
    google need to innovate more apple will fuck android.
    btw am using galaxy nexus and i hate it. they even stole drag and drop feature from apple

  • Stonedmonke14

    You’re a fuckin moron dude, I own an android and an iPhone and let me tell you first hand that Siri and google voice actions barely compare. Siri is FAR more capable of commands whether useful or just plain fun.

  • Skyvi (Siri for Android) Apk 1.42 is not affiliated with Apple or Siri in anyway. 

  • anon

    I hate ignorant fanboys and everything related to them, that’s why I don’t like apple. I prefer Google – much more intelligent fans, no whining, very social persons and adequate language. Apple – all the fans are pretty much like desperate girls, whining on everything, using offensive language, every second word about something related to nonapple is a ****. Why? Because what I think it is, apple is just oriented towards those persons who work hard, are desperate, probably hate their lives(I would), and relax by thinking about money. They don’t know what is real life. They don’t know how to live. That’s why… So you fanboys should think about your lives and not make apple look like a douche – its all yours fault it is often considered so. Peace!

    • Jordan

      Woah that’s a LOT of generalization about people who buy Apple products… There are fanboys who fit your description on BOTH sides and that’s plainly evident. I prefer android at the moment myself, but damn I had to address the level of ignorance in your own comment. Some people buy apple because, hey, THEY ACTUALLY LIKE THEIR PRODUCTS; not everyone buys them because they hate their lives or are obsessed with money or whatever ridiculous criteria you seem to think they all fit.