AppStoreHQ founder Chris DeVore has recently added support for Android to the site. Now there is another alternative for you to buy Android apps. All you have to do is navigate to the site listed below from your browser and download way.

This site has quite a few apps and games available. There’s a total of 20631 Android apps available and this number will surely grow with the Android Market. Navigate to appstorehq to get started.

Some features of this service are:

# Keyword search and category browse for any app in Android Market.
# Web-based profile pages for each app that include price, description, screenshots and recent user feedback.
# Direct buy links for Android device users.
# For Web visitors, barcode-based buy links and an email-to-phone option.
# Easy social share actions for any Android app via Twitter, Facebook and email.
# “Hottest Apps” rankings based on worldwide Android app mentions on blogs and Twitter,with results updated several times a day.

[via venturebeat]

  • You can download Android apps at Aproov ( without requiring the Google Market app. There are thousands to choose from, and organized into hundreds of categories.

  • Anonymous

    This technically still requires the android market app. It just links through your preferred browser after scanning to bring you directly to the download page for that specific app in the market.