We have already talked about the interesting looking Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh smartphone when it went official this month. The Android smartphone is a clamshell device that flips open and closed like the mobile phones of yore. If you have missed the coverage of the 007sh so far, I will recap the highlights of the smartphone for you. The thing that Android purists will want to know right off the bat is that the smartphone runs Android 2.3.

The phone is said to be waterproof so it will survive your next sloppy drunk at the bar with aplomb. That flip form factor looks like something your grandma might use, but underneath it has decent specs. It will pack in a 1GHz snapdragon processor, a 16MP rear camera, and a front camera of unknown res. We assume that front camera to be your typical VGA resolution unit. The touchscreen swivels to make the phone more like your typical smartphone form factor if you prefer. That swiveling screen will make using the high-resolution front camera much easier.

The touchscreen is 3.4-inches across making it nicely sized. Now that you are all caught up with the specs, the new detail on the smartphone today is that the device has crossed the FCC. With the device at the FCC for its needed approvals that means it might be heading to a wireless store near you soon. What do you think of this retro form factor? Would you buy this phone?

[via Engadget]

  • Definitely looking forward to this phone. Following closely and waiting for pricing and availability. Especially in Europe.

    If it has a nice pricepoint and nothing new and exciting has come out by the time this phone is in the market. It’ll be it. : -)

  • Anonymous

    There’s a big difference between waterproof and water resistant. A drink spilled on the phone is much different that the phone dropped into a swimming pool, sinking to the bottom and someone has to dive in and get it. Honestly though, it’s all the other benefits I’m looking forward to.

  • Want it NOW!!!!!!

  • Supperman

    I been waiting for a Windows or Android mobile like this for two months in Europe because there are even better ones already made in Japan and China with Dual TouchScreens, Waterproofing, Dual Core, 3rd Generation at minimum, Edge, Dual Sim, etc. The market has wasted everyones time with candy bar desins except those with a slide out keyboard but I prefer the CLAMSHELL above all for EASY QUICK ONE HANDED OPERATION.

  • Supperman

    A extra note about ONE HANDED OPERATION i forgot to detail is that i can feel the keypad without looking and know which button to press how many times to text plus i like the way they can naturally be cradled on shoulder against your ear.

  • When I told people I was going to get a Blackberry Style as my next phone (and first smartphone), people came out of the woodwork telling me that Blackberry is dead, get an Android.  The problem is, I HATE BAR PHONES!!!

    I love my Style, despite all of the problems RIM has been having lately, because it’s a clamshell smartphone (currently the ONLY one on the US market)… but THIS phone (and even more the dual-screen clamshell they’re making for the Chinese market) would get me to switch.