Send a call from Santa with Santa Tracker from Google

December 11, 2013

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You know what cane great about December? Kids who celebrate the holidays are unendingly concerned about Santa. Is he watching? Is the elf on the shelf really telling Santa what we do? If your kids ever start cracking wise and call your bluff, have Santa send them a voicemail.

It doesn't have to be Christmas related, either! Google’s Santa Tracker voicemail service has all the winter holidays listed. It also doesn’t have to be kids, but we’re all kids at heart this time of year anyway, so send messages to everyone! Parents, friends, co-workers — anyone who calls you out about Santa dropping by this season, send them a message.

It’s really easy, too. All you have to do is answer a few questions via the website, and the message pops up pretty instantly. It seems as though Santa has pre-recorded some greetings, so we can get creative with our chosen voicemail. Once completed, we have the ability to share just about any way we like, too!

If you’re pals have less-than-average names, don’t worry. Santa Tracker has all kinds of failsafe greetings and other little tweaks designed to make the voicemail happen. It’s also pretty quick, taking about five minutes per message. The website compiles the message as you answer questions, so it’s ready to send out right after you complete the questions for Santa. If anyone tries that whole “Santa doesn’t even exist” thing this year, now you have an ace in the hole.

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  • Jeff Abrahams

    They removed the phone call/voice-mail option this year. You can only share it on Google Plus or download an MP3.

    It’s really disappointing because you used to be able to actually send a phone call to a phone number.

    Tell me a kid wouldn’t love to answer the phone and hear Santa address them from the other end!

  • Guest

    Why did they take the actual phone call/voicemail option away. The kids don’t know what google + is or email….

  • evie

    santa is cool!

    • evie

      i like this!

  • bobn

    agreed sad when i got to the end and there was no phone number option!!

  • patty

    buuu, there is not way to send this by phone.