Seidio Innodock Jr. Cradle for Nexus One

January 26, 2010

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You're wondering when, if ever, Google will release their dock for the Nexus One, aren't you? I thought you were.  In the meantime, Seidio is taking pre-orders (shipping this week) for a desktop cradle/dock of their own...

Pros? It syncs and charges simultaneously, and it actually exists, unlike the Google dock. It's also compatible with Seidio cases for the N1. Cons? It's kind of...well...meh. The styling hasn't changed noticeably from Innodocks of years past, and it doesn't appear to have any relationship with those interesting gold pins at the bottom of the N1.

But, hey, you can order it, at least. It'll charge your phone. You can admire your clock and weather from the comfort of your chair, or bed, or whatever. Or you can keep waiting, and maybe, possibly, someday, Google will sell their rumored home and car docks. Any day now, Google. Whenever you're, you know, ready...


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