It’s a fine day for that considerable crossover between Android enthusiasts and classic gaming fans. Sega, one of the staples of the video game world, has released its very first Android game in cooperation with Papaya Mobile. It isn’t one of these newfangled physics games or tower defense titles, either – Fallen Realms is an old-school turn-based role playing game from its mail helm to its +1 boots. The game is available from the Android Market now.

Fallen Realms is still in beta at the moment, so expect a few hiccups in cross-device support or game mechanics. The standard fantasy world looks like a mix between Japanese and western RPGs, with a turn-based combat engine simplified by touchscreen controls. An in-game tutorial assures that most gamers won’t get lost, even if they’re more used to frustrated avians or hemp slicing.

Sega has adopted the freemium model that’s so popular with these whippersnapper mobile developers: the game is free to play, but you can purchase upgraded equipment for your character. The 21MB download is big for an Android app, but pretty small when compared to a lot of the games coming out these days. Welcome to the future, Sega – now how’s about a Tegra 3 version of Sonic Generations or Bayonetta?

[via DroidGamers]

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    On my Samsung Galaxy 10.1, when you open Netflix and try to select a season for any TV programs, the application quits and returns to the home screen.

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  • I didn’t ever know Sega still existed, and it’s still popular. How come you always hear of Mario but never Sonic the Hedgehog?