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Pebble: five apps worth checking out

Pebble 2.0 arrived for Android earlier in the month. Of course, that meant not only an updated Android app for the Pebble, but access to the Pebble appstore. We suspect most Pebble users have already picked their favorite apps, and such is the case with us. Here we are sharing our top five favorite Pebble apps, and also looking for some suggestions for new apps.

Google’s got jokes: their best April Fools day posts

You know what’s fun about Google? April Fool’s day. They like a good joke, and on days like today, create their own in celebration. The best part is, theirs are obvious, and usually really funny. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up Google’s better attempts at humor today, just for you, our adoring readers.

Lenovo A-Series tablet lineup expands

Lenovo has officially unveiled the latest in the A-Series tablet lineup. In this case that means a handful of models including the A7-30, A7-50, A8 and the A10. As suggested by the model numbers, these tablets will all vary in display size. Lenovo also appears to be pushing these for different purposes.

Cruising with Sailfish OS: a preview of possibilities

When Finnish company Jolla tried to fulfill its promise of bringing forth a smartphone unlike any other, it didn't exactly make a big splash. Nonetheless, it is still continuing to send ripples that are now reaching Android shores. Here we take a peek at what more adventurous users might soon see on their home screen or even on their device itself.

Five Chrome Extensions to keep you productive

We love our Android devices, but we’re not always using them. There comes a time when we use a proper computer, but we still want to easily use all the same apps we find on our Android device. With Chrome extensions, it’s possible to not miss a beat, whether on desktop or mobile. Today, we take a look at some extensions that can keep you organized and efficient.

The Android Community Team: our must have apps

We’ve all got them, those apps you just can’t do without. Buy a new phone, and there are some you just have to make sure you have on your device. Day to day, there are those apps you rely on much more than others. Like you, we’ve got ours. While we're clearly information junkies, there are some things that distract us from the day-to-day grind of absorbing as much info as possible.
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