• IFA 2014 expectation roundup: smartwatches galore

    While IFA 2014 itself formally starts in a few days, many companies have scheduled their press events ahead to leave IFA open to actual device demos and showcases. But what do we expect from manufacturer’s this time of

    August 31, 2014 • Views: 737

  • Is this LG’s new, round smartwatch?

    LG’s G Watch can be considered the first Android Wear smartwatch, if you’re keeping track of that sort of thing. The Moto 360 was then the second, and rounded out the Android Wear offerings (see what I did there?). A few

    August 24, 2014 • Views: 880

  • Stop the presses! Top 5 news readers for Android

    Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, we live in a world where we get an almost never-ending flow of news available at our fingertips. So much so that now our problem is how to best handle that flood of information rushing

    August 22, 2014 • Views: 1560

  • LG G3 revisited: the US version is here

    We’ve already fallen for the G3, which we noted in our review of the device. Now that we’ve got our hands on the domestic version, is it still the device we spoke so highly of? Have things changed, or did we just get one that

    August 5, 2014 • Views: 982

  • It’s here: Five highlights of NVIDIA’s SHIELD Tablet

    NVIDIA‘s form-factor for the SHIELD Tablet may be more traditional than that of the original SHIELD gaming portable, but as the first reviews suggest, that’s not to say it’s uninteresting. SlashGear has been

    July 29, 2014 • Views: 790

  • LG G3 with Verizon lets you remove carrier “bloatware”

    Here’s a neat idea — carrier “bloatware” that can be removed. If that sounds like a dream come true, you may want to snap up an LG G3 via Verizon. The carrier is going to allow their proprietary apps to be removed on the

    July 24, 2014 • Views: 1279

  • NVIDIA’s SHIELD Tablet is the next step in Android/PC gaming

    What if the NVIDIA SHIELD were different? The portable gaming device turned heads on launch, and continued to do so well into its lifespan, supporting PC gaming as well as Android. The latest iteration of SHIELD takes it one step

    July 22, 2014 • Views: 820

  • Jink location sharing app is both helpful and private

    Imagine you’re meeting with some of your friends but all of you are not familiar with the place you’re going to. You’re switching back and forth between your location app and your group chat just so you can keep track of

    July 21, 2014 • Views: 711

  • By the power of root! File managers square off

    We’ve said it before. For better or worse, one of the things that separates Android from iOS is the fact that we can browse our devices like we do our computers, at least to a certain extent. File managers give users power,

    July 21, 2014 • Views: 685

  • Xiaomi Mi3S makes appearance at GFXBench, specs showed

    A device tagged as the Xiaomi Mi3S showed up at the databases of benchmarking app GFXBench, and it has included specs of the supposed device. This is in light of Xioami’s upcoming event on July 22 where they will be expected to

    July 21, 2014 • Views: 1273