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Get productive on any device with AluPen Digital Styls [DEALS]

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might have you pining for a productivity device of your own, but an expensive phablet like Samsung's just isn't in the budget. Or perhaps you're too attached to your current gadget selection to make the switch. Then perhaps the AluPen Digital Stylus might offer a better alternative. For a considerably lower price, you can gain the joys and freedom of scribbling on any Android, or even an iOS, device, without having to swear fealty to some exclusive app or bind yourself to Bluetooth.

BlackBerry Venice sighted in the wild, with slider display and QWERTY keys

We believe that BlackBerry will remain in the business if it starts making Android devices. The smartphone pioneer already started running Android apps on BlackBerry 10 but what the mobile world needs is a true blue Android-powered BlackBerry device. We've been saying that the company is working on an Android device and looks like it's arriving very soon as the BlackBerry Venice was recently caught in the wild and photos were shared on Vietnamese website Tinhte.

Sony to reportedly release Xperia Z5, two other variants on September 2

With IFA 2015 set to start this September 4, we need to prepare ourselves for all the new smartphones and devices that will be introduced and will fight for our attention if we’re looking for a brand new gadget. Sony will supposedly be releasing not just one but three smartphones, including the new flagship Xperia Z5, plus two other variants of that device, the Xperia Z5 Compact, and the Xperia Z5 Premium.

Android Community Weekly Digest: Aug. 30, 2015

Ready for IFA 2015? Not so fast! While we're just counting down days before some of the biggest reveals this half of the year, last week's events still bear noting. For one, Samsung seems to have found itself in quite a pickle with what Internet has now christened as the "Pengate" design flaw. But on a more positive note, we're already seeing the first volley of new device announcements, as manufacturers and companies get the formalities out the door, leaving the public free to gawk at and fondle their wares this coming days. Without further ado, Android Community's Weekly Digest for August 24 to 30, 2015.

Travel into the ghost realm in Whispering Willows, now on Android 

Games that make you feel like you’re a character in a movie are always a good thing right? What about those that make you feel like you’re both watching an animated movie and participating in it as well? Awesome right? Well, that’s what Whispering Willows seems to be, as the award-winning game makes its way to your Android devices and you delve into a world of mystery, spectral beings, and a haunted mansion with too many secrets.

iBackPack does everything for you (at least digitally)

Lately, we’ve seen 50-in-1 (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration) things like jackets, pants, necklaces, etc, as our expectations of what wearable devices should be have been constantly changing and upgrading. A new IndieGoGo project called the iBackPack looks bulky and maybe not that fashionable (which they will attempt to solve), but when you find out what it can do, you might be willing to take it anywhere you go.
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