With no help from Verizon Wireless it looks like one of the most promising and exciting smartphones from last year has reached the end of its life. We’re talking about the 4G LTE powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Being the first “Nexus” (and I say that gently) to be available with 4G LTE and the nations largest carrier, it was a big deal. Sadly it wasn’t a big deal to Verizon and recently it took its last breath.

Not literally took its last breath, as the community, CyanogenMod, and the wave of developers will keep this epic smartphone alive for months and years to come. We mean from Verizon themselves. They never gave this handset a chance. I’m saying that right now! That sad fact aside the Galaxy Nexus has reached EOL and is no longer being offered from Big Red. Either online or in stores.

Between hitting daily deal sites, and coming in and out of Verizon’s pre-owned sales page the time was slowly running out and now it has reached the end of the rope. The folks from Droid-Life are reporting the device is officially no longer available from Verizon Wireless. This is pretty bittersweet for someone like me, who still uses the device daily. Although I threw Verizon’s lack of support out the window a week after bringing it home and haven’t looked back thanks to CM9, CM10, and now Android 4.2.1 with CyanogenMod 10.1 keeping things fresh.

The Verizon Galaxy Nexus was hardly a Nexus device. It never received a fair shake, and as it stands today it’s what — 3 updates behind the international model. Verizon still has us sitting on 4.1 Jelly Bean. We haven’t seen 4.1.2, let alone the latest and greatest 4.2 Jelly Bean that was announced back in October by Google. At this point we’re not really sure of its future. We do know they aren’t offering it anymore, and updates have been lacking since birth. Hopefully we see an update to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean soon — but that’s anyone’s guess at this point.

It looks like the next chance to get a piece of maybe pure Google on Verizon Wireless is the much rumored upcoming Motorola X-Phone so stay tuned. What are your thoughts on the Verizon Gnex? Is yours still running strong? Mine sure is!

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  • Jarrod Bush

    Unlocked, rooted, running CM 10.1. I still love my phone but I really don’t know if I will go Phone X or not. Need to see some sure specs first. Right now I am looking at Samsung Galaxy S4. Either way, have to wait until August to get a new phone.

    • Yea I agree. I just don’t want a 5+ inch phone. The 4.65 Nexus is perfect if you ask me. The 4.8-inch GSIII was pushing it for my own personal preference.

  • Dirk Teichman

    Running Mmuzzy full_toro and loving it. Battery life is improved and the volume levels are much better. Love the coverage from Big Red, but hate the slow updates. I have read allot of stories about problems with the Verizon Gnex but mine has been a great phone. I am at a loss over what to get next. Galaxy S-3 or 4? Maybe a Note 2? We shall see. For the time being I am having a great time with my Gnex.

    • Magnus100

      Had the Galaxy Nexus, enjoyed it, but then got the Note II and it blows away the Galaxy Nexus in most respects.
      I’d say wait for the Galaxy Note III before deciding.

      • Dirk Teichman

        Yeah, I like the looks of the Note. By the time I am ready to upgrade it will probably be a Note lll, or a Note ll on the cheap. Thanks for the feedback, it looks like great phone and I like the larger handsets.

  • Edward Daniels

    mine is running but im ready to sell my device any buyers?

    • david

      how much?

  • kervation

    Still love my GNex! With Cyanogenmod and Verizon’s coverage area with unlimited data, it still gets the job done for me.

  • Mark Binder

    Well, this just confirms what I already knew. Verizon has never and will never care about the Nexus experience. And, yes, I know I can root and upgrade myself, just DONT’ WANT TO HAVE TO! AT&T customer don’t have to, Verizon customers should not have to either! So, when my contract is up, I’ll be buying the next Nexus device directly from Google and going back to AT&T or T-mobile; espeically since AT&T just purchased a large spectrum from Verizon should make AT&T a lot closer to Verizon’s coverage anyway.

  • My Galaxy Nexus is an epic piece of &^%$. Dropped calls when I first got it; had to switch back to 3G just to maintain a phone call. Every phone call sounds like the other person is driving through the mountains. Signal strength doesn’t exist. I like the phone itself to mess with Facebook, games, etc., when I’m in wi-fi. Not compatible with my library’s audiobook program. I could go on…. Good riddance. Too bad I am not due for an upgrade for another year though!!! 🙁

    • randomdog

      Since 4.1 update every one of those problems went away. Except for the crappiest battery life of any phone.

  • harry_sax

    Well, nothing sells phones like outdated phones. Verizon knows how to make money.