Samsung Wireless HDD also shares Internet and battery

May 13, 2014

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Seagate, a brand known for its data storage solutions, has just revealed a new Samsung portable hard drive headed to the market. This new Samsung Wireless HDD can not only share its contents wirelessly, it can also act as a WiFi hotspot and even as a mobile device charger.

Wireless portable hard drives are nothing new and if you look at the Samsung Wireless that way, it isn't exactly exceptional. You have a 1.5 TB storage capacity, which, according to Samsung, can hold, depending on size and quality, up to 750 movies, 375,000 songs, or 425,000 photos. Of course, it can share those contents wirelessly, with or without an active Internet connection.

But the Samsung Wireless HDD isn't your run of the mill wireless HDD. Aside from sharing data, it can also share an Internet connection, acting as your very own portable hotspot in your pocket, or bag. You can share the connection, both for Internet and for accessing the hard drive's contents, with up to 5 devices. The battery is equally interesting, even though neither Samsung nor Seagate is shedding light on its exact mileage. It is advertised to keep the HDD powered up for up to 7 hours, but it is big enough to even be your smartphone or tablet portable power bank in a pinch.

The Samsung Wireless HDD is now available for purchase, though Seagate hasn't disclosed exactly in which markets or from which channels. It does carry a $179 price tag, which might be a bit pricey but probably worth it considering the features that you also get along with the 1.5 TB wireless hard drive.

SOURCE: Seagate

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    Very nice! Price is not bad at all either. #1

  • Trevor & Marina Hayes

    Deal breaking question…does th Android system see the files s other non samsung/Seagate apps can see and interact with them or does it only let certain predetermined apps see and access the storage ?