Users of the Samsung Vibrant (aka the Samsung Galaxy S) can get an update for their phones that fixes a few bugs here and there. The update, known as KB5, also updates Gmail and YouTube, boosting them to R9 versions respectively. There was also a DRM issue with the music player that prevented some music from playing. Samsung has fixed that as well.

The update is for T-Mobile customers and gives them some nice Android 2.2 (Froyo). Other improvements include a better email client, improved security, Remote Wipe is added, and a cleaned up the LCD framework. There’s also tweaks to MMS, Swype and a better image gallery. In order to get the update, users must use Kies Mini on the PC. Samsung also advises that before users proceed with the update, that they backup all images, music and data as the update will wipe the phone clean before installing.

Once backed up, users go to this link to obtain Kies Mini, download it to their PCs (XP minimum required) and install it. Then run the update. It’ll automatically acquire the phone and run the update, installing Froyo. However, users are also advised to be sure their battery is fully charged as a phone that dies during mid update may corrupt the update and cause problems with the phone.

[via SamsungHub]

  • announomus

    What about the fascinate for Verizon?

  • Archie J

    I’ve had a number of problems since this update: bt connection with my car is spotty; gps (even tried all of the identified fixs/workarounds) still not working and the phone is not freezing/locking up when utilizing applications. I also noticed that the device does not scroll smoothly and is very choppy.

  • Crash

    It seems that it also updates Swype to incorporate recent improvements in that.

  • Just updated my TMO Vibrant and it looks good but, need to figure out how to get my Pre Installed “Avatar” movie to work again 🙂 All-in-all, Good UPDATE 😀

  • Anonymous

    I just ran this update through Kies Mini–it looks like it worked just fine. I had updated to 2.2 last year when it came out, not too much new.

    I did some search on Google before I installed and didn’t find much info, so here are my thoughts:

    Seems to start up faster
    Newer gmail app is nice
    Gallery app seems way faster and more stable. Mine used to run real slow. I still with there was a way of sorting by date
    I haven’t tested bluetooth or GPS–as another commenter complained about. All I can say is, I hope they made it better, not worse

    Of course, it resets your homescreen and puts all the crap shortcuts on again, and reorganizes your app screen–but this is not a big deal.

  • Lringaman

    I got a new Samsung Vibrant – to replace my old one that isn’t working correctly. Before returning the old phone, I need to move my pictures and video clips out of the old phone. Can anyone help me on how to get them to move from the old phone to the new phone or to my computer? T Mobile can’t seem to figure out how to move them…..

  • adnan

    I got samsung vibrant  few months ago. Now I have left US for some reasons so using other carrier right now. Is there anyway I can get KB5 update ?

  • Garott

    Can I just remove the memory card while updating, instead of backing everything up?