Samsung UK confirms Galaxy S III Jelly Bean updates imminent for all carriers

October 19, 2012

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Just yesterday, the Galaxy S III received an update to Jelly Bean on the UK's Three network. Since then, Samsung UK has confirmed that Galaxy S III owners across all networks will receive an update to Jelly Bean 4.1 very soon. This means that even if you're not on Three, you will be able to enjoy the features of Jelly Bean before you know it.

"Samsung UK can confirm that the rollout of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) has begun for our Galaxy S III customers and will be available across all networks over the coming weeks, pending software testing and approvals," Samsung UK said in an official statement. This is definitely some good news. Hopefully this means that the United States will receive the same treatment as soon as possible.

Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S III adds some awesome features, and its impending arrival to all UK customers should have people quite excited. UK device owners should notice an awesome speed increase with Project Butter. They will also get access to Google Now and all kinds of other slick features that make the phone better than it already was.

It looks as if Samsung is going to beat Sony in getting Jelly Bean to its customers. Sony just announced that they are not bringing the update until next year. Samsung, at least in the UK, has made it quite clear that they take getting the latest firmware to device owners very serious. We will keep you posted withe latest news regarding the Galaxy S III and its software updates as it happens.

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  • ilbulgaro89

    This is something crazy…the update is out for the carrier before than the noBrand version…unbelievable

    • xnay

      The same situation was with ICS update. This is interesting because I thought this were the carriers who needed more time to approve the update.

      • sven

        Must’ve done a deal with Samsung…or Samsung thinks it looks better if all versions come out at once. They’re wrong – I paid up from for this phone and would like the update sooner rather than later.

        I’ve got a feeling 4.2 will be released next week at the Google event and we’ll be waiting all over again…`very soon` in jan…leaks in march..poland in april..unbranded in july, shortly after Android v5 is announced at IO 2013!

      • xnay

        Right. I’m starting to think the best thing will be to buy a Nexus phone and sell the SGS3 to have updates on time.

  • Someone must be very optimistic and Samsung-friendly to sell that as good news. “Over the coming weeks”? Could be 1,2,4 or even 8 weeks. And where is the update for the unbranded version? That’s just a bad joke.

  • Mark

    Good to hear about Samsungs Commitment, but I really feel as a community we need to get on Samsung’s case for not letting us unbranded customers to have the jelly goodness upgrade as it must clearly be ready and doesn’t require network approval.

  • xnay

    This is ridiculous that users of unlocked phones in the UK are still waiting for the update while it was put live earlier for the operator-bound units.