Samsung to showcase three creations from their C-Lab at CES 2016

December 30, 2015

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More often than not, an OEM will showcase their latest products or announce an upcoming one during major industry events like the imminent CES 2016. But every once in a while, they would do something for the first time, and for next year, Samsung will be demonstrating not just one but three Creative Lab (C-Lab) projects, which includes a healthcare belt, a hand-motion controller for VR headsets, and a new UX where you only need your finger to listen to calls or to music.

If you’re not yet familiar with C-Lab, it is actually Samsung’s innovation program that encourages employees within the company to come out with creative business ideas in line with the mission and vision of the brand. The three projects will be demonstrated in order to get feedback from those who will be attending and to also see its market potential as well. But of course it should be kept in mind that these aren’t final projects yet, but rather products that are still in development.

WELT is a “smart, wearable healthcare belt” that can help users have a personalized healthcare and weight management plan. It looks like a normal belt but it records your waist size, keeps track of your eating habits, time spent sitting down, and even the steps that you take. Meanwhile, rink is a hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices which lets users have more fun when wearing a virtual reality headset, and maybe even entice more people to get in on the VR craze.



Lastly, TipTalk is pretty neat UX that lets you listen to the sound from your smartphones, not with any headset, but just by touching your finger to your ear. The device is shaped like a watch strap and can be added to both analog and digital watches, synced with a smartphone, and the text to speech functionality should be enabled. All three will be displayed from January 6 to 9 at the CES 2016.


SOURCE: Samsung

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  • Ben Malec

    They’re really going to try going with WELT as a name for their belt, huh? Maybe the absolute awfulness of the idea was legitimately missed in SK corporate HQ meetings among non-English-speaking execs. Maybe they fired everyone in marketing. There has to be a logical explanation, but I’m having a really tough time coming up with one.