In case you’ve missed the news, Samsung will be announcing what they are calling “the next Galaxy” on May 3rd in London. This will in fact be the Galaxy S III flagship superphone for the company, but now we are hearing they’ll also introduce another tablet — as if they didn’t have enough already. If for some random reason the phone doesn’t interest you, maybe the tablet will.

The image above is only a placeholder, and we don’t have any details surrounding the new tablet Samsung may, or may not announce at the London event in a few weeks. According to sources at CNET, Samsung will be showing off a new tablet that is not the Galaxy Tab 2 or the Note 10.1 either. Instead it will be another 10.1-inch tablet with a dual-core processor. This news is odd because the Galaxy Tab 2 (10) is a dual-core and was delayed earlier this month in favor of getting upgraded to a quad-core. So could they now be announcing another that will be even more budget friendly? I wouldn’t complain about that.

We’ve heard rumors surrounding some mystery tablets from Samsung called the “Espresso tablet” so we will be looking for more information as the event date gets closer. We still haven’t seen or heard a peep from Samsung regarding that ultra-high resolution 11.6-inch tablet that caught so much attention in the press. We could see a new tablet with a high 2560×1600 or higher resolution on May 3rd, but that is only speculation at this point.

Personally Samsung should limit the amount of tablets they are designing and releasing, and instead focus on two ideal-sized tablets with killer apps — that’s just my opinion. Either way Android Community will be live in London to bring you the latest and greatest from Samsung’s event on May 3rd so stay tuned.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Dual-core 5250 A15.

    • David

      Would be excellent, dual 2ghz A15 would be like dual 3GHz A9 and since most applications will benefit more from the straight speedup rather then extra cores, it would wipe the floor with Tegra3 etc.

  • espressos are galaxy tab 2s – how author could miss that info :)))
    also cnet article says something else about tab premiere during event 🙂

    lazy friday crap rticle realy

  • firethorn

    Heh, a “1290×1200” resolution screen would make for a really odd form factor.

  • seriously, samsung has an opportunity to be the first with the hi-res tablet in an android market, but they have to hurry up, otherwise people will just buy an ipad, not because they like apple but because there no alternatives, buy apple or be stuck with crappy 1200*800 android tablets