It seems that our poor friends over at Samsung just cannot get away from angry Apple fans. Samsung has opened a new retail store in Vancouver, Canada – its first in North America – and apparently some can’t help but draw comparisons and Apple’s famous boutiques. Looking at the picture of this new Samsung Store below, there do seem to be some striking similarities such as the way Samsung’s devices are displayed and the dark blue uniforms its employees are wearing. It begs the question though – is this really something to get all worked up about?

In this case, we’re tempted to agree with The Android Guy, which brings up some pretty valid points. Concerning the dark blue, it’s important to remember that the color of Samsung’s logo is dark blue too. Samsung probably could have gone with a different color, but as far as brand recognition goes, it wouldn’t have worked quite as well if Samsung had chosen a different color for its store uniforms.

When it comes down to it, many other stores out there coincidentally look like Apple stores, it’s just that Samsung gets called out because of its checkered past with the iPhone manufacturer. As you can see in the video above, Samsung’s new store looks great, as do the various Apple stores that have popped up across the country. At the end of the day, the whole thing seems a bit trivial to us, so why can’t we just all get along?

In any case, if you’re interested in checking out this Samsung Store, it’s located in the Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, Vancouver. It’s unclear whether or not Samsung is displaying its entire line of devices there, but looking at the video walkthrough, it appears that there’s a significant amount of Samsung products on offer there.

[via The Android Guy]

  • I once walked into the Apple Store in the Arndale Centre (Manchester, UK).

    Scariest place I have ever visited.

    That is all.

    • RobM

      LOL !

  • bob

    gets called rip off but people still go there.

  • Anrew

    Despite what Apple fanboys might think – Apple DID NOT invent stores, they’re not magical nor revolutionary and apparently Samsung can have those too.

    • nycj

      The look/design of them was original. I’m 44 years old and an active electronics shopper. There was nothing like them before, or I’d have seen it. Samsung copied. The proof is in the photos….as well as the internal memos just admitted in the ongoing Samsung v. Apple trial in which Samsung says “we need to copy all this”.

  • NonMac

    Wow, didn’t know apple invented stores and product displays… “this just in…. Apple files patent for the wheel”

  • Say no to Samsung

    Bwa…ha..ha…totally RIP OFF!!! It’s typical Samsung fanboys arguments. Apple didn’t invent the stores, apple didn’t invent the touchscreen phones, apple didn’t invent the tablets….thats why Samsung allowed to blatantly…slavishly..copy Apple. Guys….just open your eyes….they copying it with no shame!!
    But I can understand, it’s simply denial.
    These are always the magic word from Samsung fan “Apple did not invent it” or “Apple stole it from bla…bla….”. And in the very deep…deep…deep of their hearts, they say: THAT IS WHY WE ALLOWED TO COPY APPLE.
    FYI: I use Android Phone but clearly I’m sick of the way Samsung do business.

    • Rip-of you say?

      So if the next iPhone has a screen which is larger than 3.5″, or towards the size of Samsung’s Galaxy phones screen size, can we say that Apple rip off Samsung as well? Since Apple would not be the first one who comes out a phone screen that larger than 3.5″.
      Com’on, it’s getting like a certain car maker accusing another car maker of copying their idea of using 4 wheels in their car.
      And no, i do not hate Apple, i just hate the way Apple and some followers keep bashing the RIP-OFF thingy. If you really that concern about originality, throw away your iPhone, go use a PALM, or that good old PDA.

      • nycj

        Are you kidding? My old PDA was a Palm…it’s not even CLOSE. Yes it was rectangular. That’s it. The iPhone was revolutionary and fixed every issue I had with Palm. They took big, brave, expensive steps forward while other manufacturers stuck with lowest-common-denominator gear…. even the Japanese weren’t doing anything close – and they always had cool phone gear long before the USA. Apple should be able to say it was all their idea. Because it was. Check out the internal Samsung memos that were finally admitted into the Sam/Apple trial the other day….totally damning. They basically said “we suck and we need to do copy”.

  • Say no to Samsung

    Apple didn’t invent the Genius Bar concept….let’s copy it!!….of course….SLAVISHLY!!

  • Unbiased

    Competition is good. In the end, we as consumers benefit from this. Apple has been at the forefront of many exciting products, such as the iphone, ipad, macbook air, etc.. but that shouldn’t mean no one can improve their ideas. I for one find the android platform much more flexible and productive, and find it ridiculous that a US$500 billion company would go after companies who have a similar way to unlock a screen, or anyone who produces a similar looking product for example. If they are so confident about their products, they should take this as a compliment. Copying is the best form of flattery. By acting like this, they are sending a message that they are not confident that they are the best.. By the way, i myself am a dedicated apple fan, but im not biased. If someone builds a better phone/tablet/laptop, even if they used some apple concepts, i will support them, because im more interested in having a great product, than being a loyal consumer stuck with less than ideal product.

  • bradyonly

    The employees, as far as I’m concerned, don’t look anything like Apple employees. They look like normal people. Of course, that’s comparing them to the Genius hipster douchbags at Apple stores who think themselves Godlike over everyone else.

    • nycj

      ? because they wear the same minimalist t-shirts, they’re douches? They’ve never treated me or anyone I’ve seen in line with anything but calm kindness and helpful respect. Get over it.

  • Adroido

    Lol Samsung, this is ridiculous!

  • renderbox

    Design, not type of product is the issue. People have made cel phones before Samsung and Apple got into it. The problem is that Samsung did not apply their DNA to the design, they took someone else’s. Samsung is missing the “That looks like a Samsung” type of product design with many of their smart phones. You look at it and say, “It looks like an Apple product”. I can look at a TV and without reading the label say “That is a Sony” or “That is a Samsung” and unless someone has ripped them off I’ll most likely be right.

  • Pax

    That they look like Apple stores is simply NOT coincidental. Before the first Apple store, NO store looked like that. Funny how that works.

  • Krikaoli

    Lol! What a copy of Apple! Sammy is really

  • Honest Opinion

    What a bunch of crap comments. No, apple didn’t invent retail stores but it paid decorators for the design. No, apple didn’t invent blue t-shirts but it paid for what ever minimalist design.
    Touch screen phones were crap before the iphone came along. Does the multi-touch interface ring a bell?
    Koreans blatantly copy design, another example is the Hyundai i20 which copies the Mercedes hood design.
    Also, apple has resisted increasing the screen size for a long time. They may have to do it now based on market demand, not copying Samsung.
    Samsung is a rip off company.
    Most people don’t realize how much work goes in to design. Like people who don’t want to pay for software coz they think its made out of thin air.

  • mdj

    Apple is a joke…. “Lets sue all the companies that supply all the hardware for our overrated products, because their phones are better than ours”

  • Anon

    Note the history. Steve jobs steals the computer ‘mouse’ from Xerox to build a personal computer project.
    Bill Gates (on a similar mission) takes the mouse from Jobs and comes out with the PC first thus overshadowing the Apple Macintosh.
    Apple comes back with a renewed Steve Jobs and revolutionizes many industries (retail, apps, music, etc.)
    Microsoft plays along with Apple, too, making the Microsoft Store (which many people who’ve posted here seem to forget)

    So … exactly what is the problem in taking part in what Steve Jobs revolutionized NOT invented?

    Let’s look at the facts. If Steve Jobs didn’t STEAL the mouse from Xerox, we’d be typing these comments on MSDOS, so stop bitching about your copyright infringement.