Samsung smartphones beat Apple in customer satisfaction survey

July 31, 2013

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Perhaps Apple was onto something when it set its cross-hairs on Samsung when it took the latter to court last year. Because now it turns out that two of Samsung's smartphones topped a customer satisfaction survey, beating out three Apple iPhones.

In a study conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note II each scored 84 out of a 100 against the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S, both of which scored 82, and the iPhone 4, which scored 81. The survey revealed two factors that led to Samsung's win: larger screen size and price.

There are some caveats, though, to the ACSI research. The study was done when Apple's iPhone line is due for a refresh. Although to be fair, it was also done just before the release of Samsung's Galaxy S4. This is also the first time the ACSI targeted individual smartphone models and as such, there is no previous data to compare it to. The group intends to do the survey annually and the future results might be more telling.

The survey may not affect Apple fans, who are unsurprisingly found to be more loyal to brand than Android users are. It does, however, reflect changes in market trends. Recent figures have revealed that Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market, with Apple in second place. And even in the tablet arena, Apple continues to lose ground to Android device manufacturers, with Samsung right at the top.

Source: Forbes

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  • Alec Smith

    Dang Samsung blew apple out of the water by a whole 2 percent!!!

    • anywherehome

      No it just means Apple is nothing special=boring, outdated…… That’s the reason Apple is losing market share

    • domi1kenobi

      Not being king in this domain is very damaging for Apple. Why else pay the premium?

  • Nick Jelden

    I’ve had 2 Droids and both of them were terrible. A Droid Razr Max and a Samsung Galaxy S4. I recently returned the S4 back to Verizon after a week because it was horrible at holding a connection and froze up on me several times. I exchanged for an iPhone 5 and have been satisfied overall with it. I’ve never owned an Apple product before this. The battery life could be better though. Android needs to stabilize it’s applications software so it matches the high quality hardware that the S4 has.

    • Urah Umja

      How much they are paying ya to leave comments like this ?

      • RV

        I have had similar experiences as Nick, and Apple certainly is not paying me! My s3 drove me crazy with glitches. Loving my iPhone 5 now.

  • Aretin

    Iphone sucks. All friends are now on Android – Sony/Samsung