Samsung Slider Phone for AT&T is NOT the Galaxy S II Attain

July 29, 2011

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The Samsung slider phone that showed up this week as the SGH-I927 was rumored to be Galaxy S II. Turns out this wasn't the Android we were looking for. The super slim Galaxy S II Attain will (presumably) stay as skinny as the original when it launches AT&T in the coming future

With Samsung letting those interested register for updates on the Galaxy S II coming to the U.S. it can't be far off. Throw in the fact that the Galaxy S II Attain just crossed the FCC and Samsung fans can finally start getting excited. Will the wait be worth it though?

Does this mean we have two Galaxy S II versions coming to Ma Bell? If so other keyboard bearing phones on AT&T better watch out. For those who don't need that physical button to press, it sounds like we'll be able to get our hands on the the same slim Samsung that we've been envying for the past few months. Let's just hope nothing else gets changed.

[via Android Police]

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  • Roberto Cruz

    That’s great news! I was waiting for the S2 but when I read about the tacky keyboard I almost cry. :)

    • Anonymous

      Dude have you even tried the keyboard on Sprints Samsung sprint? Its still the best if not one of the best mobile keyboards to this day. And epic came out last year.
      So the new Galaxy S II version would be even better.