Samsung shows off the AT&T Galaxy Note’s artistic side in new video

February 22, 2012

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If you're a phan of the phablet, odds are pretty good that you've got one by now: after months of waiting, AT&T launched their American version of the Samsung Galaxy Note on Sunday. While the Super Bowl ad left a little to be desired as far as showing off the actual device, a new Samsung ad gives the mega-screen Note and its S-Pen digitizer stylus the screen time they deserve. The 60-second commercial should be appearing on American broadcasts soon - though thankfully, they seem to have abandoned the "phablet" marketing.

The majority of the screen time is devoted to the S-Pen, and why not - aside from a big 5.3-inch screen, it's the most important differentiator for the Galaxy Note. Casual observers may not realize that it's more than just a stick of plastic or a capacitive stylus, it's a digitizer, using Wacom technology for both greater accuracy and pressure sensitivity. The uniqueness doesn't stop with the hardware: plenty of included apps (as shown in the video) take advantage of the S-Pen, and Samsung has published an API so that third-party apps can get in on the action too.

If you want to dig a little deeper, be sure to check out our extensive review before you open your wallet. Made your decision? Then head to an AT&T or Best Buy store armed with $299.99, or $649.99 if you're like to forego a two-year contract. Most of Europe and parts of Asia already have the Note in its international version, but AT&T is the only vendor for the states - unless those rumors of a Verizon Galaxy Journal pan out.

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  • Bus_dcb

    Please, artist & title of the music in this commercial.  Thanks in advance.

    • Bus_dcb

      nevermind,  Air – Alone in Kyoto….  :]

  • Lotusblossomnight

    what is the name of the app shown in the commercial at :40?