Now that everyone has finally seen the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the next question is who will get it first and when will other carriers here in the US see the Galaxy Nexus. We’ve heard rumors for a few months now that Verizon will be the exclusive carrier of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus — at least at first. Over on Samsung’s Facebook page we might have some confirmation regarding that.

Thanks to a friendly Android Community reader we have a reply right from a Samsung employee over on Facebook when asked about the exclusive launch by Verizon. He asked what carriers would receive the Nexus, and if Verizon would be the only one. This isn’t technically new but having a little confirmation is nice. Samsung replied

Verizon will be offering the Galaxy Nexus with the initial release. Other carriers may support this device in the near future.”

So, that basically confirms that Verizon will get the exclusive — that and we saw the Verizon 4G LTE branded Galaxy Nexus this morning that also points to the same direction. The only part I don’t like is she says other carriers “may” support this device in the near future. We can look at this two ways — one being that they may or may not, and two being she mentions near future. That could very well mean we’ll also see the Galaxy Nexus on other carriers in the very near future and sometime here soon.

Either way we should be hearing more from many carriers in the coming weeks as the Galaxy Nexus news continues to get larger. We’ll see Verizon launch first, most likely November 10th, and hopefully others will follow very soon. I hope so at least. — Thanks Matt

In case you missed them, here are our two hands-on videos with the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich

[vms 55018e2a459517fdb40e]

[vms 4b1be110b7bf70c8362d]

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  • roxxxx

    I don’t understand. Aren’t all Nexus devices unlocked? Also, the specs showed it had AT&T and T-Mobile frequency bands. So, why would it not be possible to use it on those providers?

    • Djsaad1

      you probably could but you would have to buy the international version about $800. The verizon version is probably just going to be lte.

    • If you go back and read the stories a bit more carefully you will see there are at least 5 models planned. Unlocked yes, but they aren’t all capable of operating on any network. 

    • there will be multiple.. LTE first and then there is also an hspa+ version and more. We’ll see it on a few carriers don’t worry

  • Anonymous

    I just died inside.

  • Olumide Ijelu

    this sucks, bad  being verizon only for any period of time is a epic fail for the US market. hopefully the euro version supports  Tmobile high speed frequencies 

  • Anonymous

    Now as a Verizon customer speaking here, everyone now knows how lousy we all felt when the sgs2 was not comming to verizon. My heart broke a little.. The only group of people in the world to not get that freakin phone.. I accused Verizon employees of eating puppies i do believe was my post… Im glad i will finally be able to get rid of my og droid for a Nexus!

  • Sara.NoiseS

    The Android soul in me just died a little. This is B/S. Samsung releases the Galaxy S2 phones out to Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile, with no word about a Verizon release. Those run Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. So why does Verizon get the Galaxy Nexus (which runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) while the other carriers only get a tease of what 4.0 offers? Personally, it’s reminding me of when AT&T had the iPhone for 5 years. -_-

    • Abc

      iTurd hasnt been out 5 yrs

    • Patrick Sutfin

      Don’t get knickers in a twist as the galaxy s2 will be upgraded to 4.0 and is just as powerful to run it.

      only thing nexus prime has over it is the amoled hd screen


    Take it easy.  It will probably be only a short time with Verizon as the exclusive carrier.  AT&T and TMobile should follow shortly after.  Google wants the phone with a lot of carriers, and they can only make so many phones.  Once the initial sales on Verizon and the EU and Asian carriers level out, they will shift production to the other versions of the phones.  I was pissed when I found out that the SII wasn’t coming to Verizon after all.  Now I am glad, I would much rather rock a Galaxy Nexus and ICS!

    • I’m mad sue me….

      What are you talking it about? Samsung builds the phones not google, hate to bring this up make the chips for the iPhones 4s ( and in all other version of icrap) , that phone is out for all of the major carriers but one in the US, and 12+ countries , 4 million units have been sold in the first weekend, to think they cant meet product demand for there own phone is kinda stupid… Verzion didn’t want the s2 cuz it’s a 6+ month old phone great phone but old, I understand u have Verizon and are pumped that y’all may be the first to get the nexus , but dont irritate people with illogical comments

    • I’m mad sue me….

      They used the gsm version for the keynote , and most phones overseas use sim cards when it’s all said and done most of the the phones sold will be the gsm version , really coming out with CDMA variant first in one of your biggest market is asinine

  • Tyler Krason

    The Sammy rep later corrected herself by saying “My mistake, no US carrier has been confirmed yet.”
    This reported over on droid-life 

  • am I the only one disappointed that the camera is only 5 MP?