Curved OLEDs are nothing new for Samsung – they have a track record of this in smartphone devices and wearables. But the three-sided AMOLED displays, with three functional sides simultaneously putting out different information is going to be a new thing, if not really groundbreaking technology. If Samsung’s suppliers are to be believed, the South Korean electronics giant has just started manufacturing in small scale three-sided display prototypes.

Samsung is supposedly looking at displays that could wrap around – are at least cover the general area – of three sides of a device. It looks like they’re studying displays that wrap around the left and right sides, and ones that wrap around the top and bottom sides as well.


There have been early prototypes – maybe you’ve seen one or two of those – but it looks like Samsung is a bit more serious these days in trying to bring out something new to break away from the growing pack of Android device manufacturers that have slowly started catching up to their hegemony.


Rumors were that there was a challenge on mass manufacturing materials, and that the current raw materials available would make any device with such features very pricey and premium – much like the Galaxy Round, a premium device with a curved display. If you also remember the rumors, the Galaxy Note 4 was expected to have at least a 2-sided display, but these manufacturing challenges may make it impossible for the technology to be launched this year. In the next generation of Samsung devices – probably next year – these features may come into play.

VIA: GforGames

  • It is definitely a good idea for Samsung to involve itself in more innovative ideas.

    Since its market share has been cut down substantially by low priced rivals throughout Asia Pacific. Major impact can be seen in their largest markets such as India and China. The real question is – can they make it comparatively cost effective in these parts too?

    • melhiore

      Please bear in mind that Samsung and “cost effective” does not work together. So the answer to your question would be: NO…

    • John Hale

      Ignoring Mel’s response, as for it is ignorant.
      To answer your question, more than likely not. When you say cost effective, put in consideration the materials these off-brand manufactures use then compare to Samsung’s reach for rare, or this case “raw materials”. Don’t know what “raw materials” mean, but I figure with the anticipated functionality and production process they’re not so common versus to where these off-brand companies don’t have the formidable means of obtaining.

      • Most of the products use the same hardware that is exported out of China and Korea. I personally use a Nokia with Maemo and just test other devices for my web and mobile apps. As I see it its not much about the “Materials used by these off-brands” and I can prove that Samsung does not use any different.
        I still think it is a good idea, not really a good debate this. So, this will be my last post on this one.

  • rebirthofcool

    why stop at 3? a wraparound oled would be a game changer!