The Samsung Replenish isn’t the fastest Android device, but it sure is the most environmentally (and economically) friendly device on The “Now” Network’s lineup. Though Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) was already released, it is highly unlikely devices with hardware limitations such as this will ever see an update. Fortunately, the Replenish has already started receiving an update from Android 2.2 (Froyo) to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

It may not be too different cosmetically, but Gingerbread should still breath new life into the phone. It may slightly improve battery life too. The update will be coming as an OTA (Over-The-Air) and if your device hasn’t received it yet, then don’t worry – it’s coming. Android 2.3 will increase the OS speed and efficiency, add one-touch word selection, and add an SMS messaging fix.

To force Hopefully, most of your devices are on at least Android 2.3 by now, and if not luck may come your way like it did for these folks. And for you Replenish owners out there – how is the update treating you? Was it a smooth transition from Froyo to Gingerbread? Let us know.

[via Android Central]

  • Katcastrillon

    Gingerbread did my phone no good. I can’t watch videos and browsing is much slower!
    How do I downgrade back to froyo.2.2? Please!

    • mz-martinez

      if u have a replenish and sprint they say to take in in and they can “rollback” to the old software…i tried they said they couldn’t so i got a new phone….im on froyo again but it asks me to update again

  • guest

    Worst update EVER. Drains the battery in less than a few hours and sluggish and buggy.

  • Bordenlenny

    I recently got the gingerbread update so far so good the only thing that totally sucks with this phone iis you cannot download any type of flashplayer so no video watching for me which really sucks

  • Redzgirlx4

    it crashed my phone!!! i had to get a new one im declining the updates android needs to fix it…it started off as draining my battery, then it got slow!!!! then it would show my phone charging with no charger connected!!!! i was soooooo mad thank god for phone insurance!!!!!

    • Khughfjkjkbhgfjfhjhn

      mine does the same is has like spasums all the timee it will shut of and say its charing then not and it will keep doing itt

  • Steve

    My phone has been performing terribly since I received the update. It crashes all of the time and stalls constantly. I wish I can go back to the last version.

  • my replenish is working Fine. Better than when I got It. I dropped it a few times thought and It held up. I need to get a case for it =/

  • temple run doesnt work  for my replenish

    • Kimnacarato

       mine either

  • swimstr

    this phone kind of sucks my battery dies so quick and it says its charging when its not plugged in and then the battery doesnt even charge then its so slow and it will turn off automatically and its so hard to find out how to update this phone