In case you missed the news, Samsung is set to run a rather long and hopefully impressive commercial during this years Super Bowl. It will be important for a few reasons. One being that it’s their first ever commercial in the big game, and it will reportedly be 90 seconds which will cost them an arm and a leg. Today they’ve released a small teaser video and you can see the short clip below.

Now what you see below is the teaser clip they’ve released, but it is basically just a few different clips from previously released commercial by Samsung knocking the iPhone 4S and the crowds waiting in line to get something they already have. It looks like different cuts from their previous ad spots and we have all those linked to below for your viewing pleasure.

While these commercials were originally showing off the Galaxy S II it appears they’ll use part of them to show the world the “next big thing” and that it is already here — that being the Samsung Galaxy Note and its 5.3″ Super AMOLED HD display of course. What better stage to feature a huge 90 second commercial then the Super Bowl when millions and millions of people will be watching. You have to hand it to Samsung for daring to attack Apple, and spend all that cash for the big day. Last year a 30 second ad cost around $3 million on FOX so we have a feeling they’ve spent at least $10 million + for this years ad spot.

Will a long commercial make you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note, or will it just be the perfect moment to grab another beer before the next big play by the Giants defense?

  • David Landry

    Super Bowl is all about the commercials … grab your beers during the ‘fair catch’ or play reviews

    • Very true! haha but I also don’t wanna miss a play (I need a cooler)

  • eh eh eh …. htere’s already more droids then humans in this household including a tab101…so not the same reasons to upgrade then phones , but go samsung …..

  • Macqueyl

    My mind is already made up; my alarm is set for the 5th to place my pre-order. Been waiting a while to trade in my Dell Streak 5 for the Note