We heard a rumor about this last week that never went very far but today it’s officially official. Google has started the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Google Samsung Nexus S. We are assuming this will be Android 4.0.3 that was detailed earlier today — This was confirmed by Google over on Twitter this afternoon.

A few weeks ago a couple Google employee’s received the OTA update and were commenting on Google+ but those were all quickly removed. It looks like the testing phase has been completed as Google themselves have confirmed to be started today and rolling out over the next few weeks.

Google has also put together a neat set of tips for those moving from Gingerbread to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The update should start hitting both the T-Mobile and the non GSM versions of the Nexus S soon. I’m sure it will be plastered on XDA any minute now so be sure and start checking your favorite developer forums. I’d be hitting menu > settings > about phone > check for updates right about now. Enjoy that Ice Cream Sandwich and feel free to look over our ICS hands-on and more below from the Timeline.

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  • Trojan12180

    Yes, it’s Android 4.0.3 and it works fine (for T-Mobile model).

  • Salam83

    I have updated, But knew Wi-Fi doesn;t work

    • Ravandi

      i have the same problem, i just update it today on Nexsus,
      do you have any idea how can i fix WiFi issue?

      • Masoud

        i`m update nexus s update today to version 4.0.3
        wifi proplem :my phone cant be scan to any router WiFi detect

        plz help me

      • rory

        Same problem here… no network detected since 4.0.3

      • Thiyagu

        for me too its not detecting… plz anyone reply to fix it…

      • Maksssat

        Same problem… Plz helpp

      • Arman

        I have the same problem 
        WTH eith the icecream sandwich
        help me If you solve it

      • Honesty7007200

        I have the same problem,if u roll out the sim and do a factory reset it will work,but if u put the sim it won’t work again

      • Lennox

        same thing…wifi isn’t working..another issue was the phone restarts. Never had that issue with gingerbread

  • Khemist92

    Hmm my i9023 shows no OTA updates available =(

  • ernierm

    used this https://android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/google_crespo/VQ8PQk_V.zip on my i9023. everything works so fine right now.

    greetings from the philippines 🙂

  • Tried it hated it back on MIUI Gingerbread. Google could learn a lot from the MIUI about making Android attractive and functional.

  • David_murphy_13

    since i updated to ice cream sandwich my camera will no longer open and comes up with errors?

  • Raphael

    same pb for me… no wifi since upgraded to ICS 🙁

    • hamid

      i have a sim free nexus s. and now when i insert sim card to it after upgrade to ice cream sandwich the wifi doesn’t work any more. help please… 🙁

      • Arman Jafari94s

        hey I have the same problem IF you find a way to solve it please e-mail me :arman.jafari94s@gmail.com

    • Hossein

      Same problem here
      No wifi

      • Guest

        same problem 

  • Carushigandhi

    NO WIFI……Y??????

  • Herrluciferz

    I am from Middle East and no Wifi after upgrading via the official OTA update.

    Is this a bug or a decision made by Google for regarding my SimCard?

    My Nexus S is totally useless now

  • Kristinamladenova

    how to remove ICS????

  • Kristinamladenova

    also viber doesn’t work

    • Jpf

      Mine does not work weither… =/

  • Anonymous

    I have a bigger problem,I got the update but the Wi-Fi didn’t work ,so after two days of research I finally rolled out my sim and did a factory reset, now it works, but if I insert the sim, it won’t work again, now I should choose whether to be able to use sim or Wi-Fi

    • Guest

      I have the same problem 

  • Newbie Yu

    Why i cant even see any update on my fon? I am using Version 2.3.3 now and its show your device is up to date.

  • Cassiediamond97

    I have the samsung captivate and it upgraded last night. ALL OF MY CONTACTS ARE GONE!!! Wth

  • Michael andrean ludy

    how to upgrade to 4.0 ?

  • Wisamgusti


    Don’t upgrade to 4.0, this is a test version and its make your phone slowly and blocked your network.

  • Bibi

    My Nexus S got stuck in the update from Android 2.3.7 to 4.0.4., showing a robot and an exclamation mark, nothig happened any more. Had to reset by taking out the battery. Now works as before (in 2.3.7). Settings – About phone – System updates says:
    “Android System Update (4.0.4) Downloading …” with a progress bar that is about 50% full and “136.9 MB” Nothing happens here, no clickable buttons either.

    Also bars and 3G icon in status bar aren’t green anymore (only white), but connection is there and google account seems to work as normal.