Some new developments on the Nexus Prime are appearing again today. If the tips are to be believed the Samsung Nexus Prime may end up being the first Nexus device over at Verizon Wireless. While this would be amazing news and make plenty of people happy all we are hearing is that Samsung is shopping the phone around at Verizon Wireless HQ trying to get them to take a bite.

Between the Droid Bionic, the upcoming Droid HD and plenty of other leaked devices as of late Verizon is looking really good right about now. If they add the Samsung Nexus Prime with its rumored specs of a 4.5″ AMOLED HD high resolution 720p display and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the line-up, other carriers should start to worry.

While we have heard something similar about the Nexus Prime being shopped around we don’t have anything official and neither does anyone else. I’m still hoping someone at Verizon is sneaky enough to snap a photo of the highly anticipated smartphone and send it to my inbox. I do see an issue as the next pure Google device such as the Nexus Prime would most likely be unlockable and highly customizable like recently released phones like the Nexus One or S and this could be an issue for Verizon. Having a beast of a smartphone possibly running with 4G LTE being unlocked and rooted for users to tether and do as they please might not be something Verizon wants to see. Passing on the Nexus Prime would not be the smartest move though so hopefully they snatch it up and get it released already.

If Verizon does get the Samsung Nexus Prime would that be enough for you to kick your current carrier to the curb? Even if it doesn’t come with 4G LTE too?

[via TechnoBuffalo]

  • Anonymous


    Btw, Google buying Moto should disqualify it for the 2011 winter phone just to be fair.

    • Anonymous

      HTC sucks. No internal storage. Crappy camera.. No super amoled.

      • Anonymous

        Most people complain about not having an SD card instead of internal storage. I don’t care either way.

      • Anonymous

        You are getting ripped off by HTC..

      • Anonymous

        Let not forget that HTC phones are the slowest of all android phones cause they use those shitty Qualcomm chips..

  • It better come to tmo and att as well. I like having a sim card thanks

    • Anonymous

      Why would you need a sim card. All of your contacts etc. syncs as soon as you put in your gmail account.

    • Fwanky13

      4g phones for verizon have sim Cards 🙂

  • It better be on Sprint. I will have that phone, but I dont know if trading my truly unlimited data is worth it. Especially for Verizon, though LTE would be pretty nice.

  • MC

    NO 4G NO SELL!!!

  • Samsung Nexus Prime with plain Android, NFC and LTE? Absolutely ready for that one. This could be the first Samsung 32nm HKMG w/ Gate First Technology Smartphone with 30nm LPDDR2 or 3 memory!

    We know they are the ones who are producing the PS Vita Quadcore 4×4 Soc too! ….will that be at 32nm too? 

  • I doubt that this is a prime at verizon, verizon isnt fond of open bootloaders and there is the bing thing as well. Something similar maybe but no one has a clue to what a prime looks like nor have they seen it in the wild. Rumors rumors rumors, googles nexus prime is more secretive than the freaking iphone 5. Unless there actual pictures of the phone with someone holding verizon or anyother carrier next to it than I will believe it until than this is all BS just like the touchpad was expected to do crap [altough it wasn because of the touchpad being a good product its cause hp decided to cut it off, none the less.]

  •  Is this a joke? Beautiful “4.65inch HD Super AMOLED display with 1280 x 720 resolution” is dwarfing the screen of IPhone 4S (yes, it might not fit in all pockets), it has double as much RAM, it has LTE support, it has new Android operating system, it has *working* google cloud behind. The real question is – how does IPhone 4S hold up to Galaxy Nexus (and other upcoming Android devices btw)? No wonder Apple is pushing hard in court rooms.