Samsung may not allow unofficial accessories for future devices

October 22, 2013

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In so many ways, Samsung is trying to emulate Apple. Be it through design or marketing, the number one Android smartphone manufacturer is taking steps to be like their main rival. According to EE Times, Samsung may be taking another big step toward a truly walled ecosystem.

The Korean site is reporting that Samsung is preparing to include “authentication chips” in their peripherals, much like Apple has done with their lightning cables. In doing so, Samsung will create an environment where an off-brand peripheral won’t work with their devices, forcing consumers to instead purchase a Samsung OEM model.

While an OEM battery is usually the safest (sometimes literally) bet, other add-ons like chargers may not matter much. In creating an environment where Samsung peripherals are the only ones that will work on a device, it puts a lot more stress on Samsung’s distribution channels and could strain consumers who are in need of a charger at the worst possible time -- like when you travel, and forget yours at home.

It could raise as many issues at it solves, but if Samsung were to move forward with this program, they’d be putting a large strain on their retail presence. Even if they had more “experience shops” within Best Buy stores, that may not be enough.

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  • That’s a stupid move! Let consumers choose. I tend to use OEM products because it’s likely better for the phone, but it shouldn’t be mandatory.

  • Timothy Kowalski

    Bad move Samsung. Won’t buy anything with your branding on it, if you make this move. More than likely going to stick with Nexus, anyways.

  • Zoid

    That’s the reason why I don’t like apple. I love my S4 but if Samsung goes all North Korea on me I this will be the last Sumsung product I buy.

    • Stocklone

      I’m hoping somebody else can duplicate the S Pen experience by my next upgrade. I really don’t want to give them anymore money if this happens.

  • Dan

    I’m on the wall here. It’s a fact that unofficial accessories are usually inferior in quality and can cause damage to the device, or worse, to the user.

    On one hand, knowledgeable consumers should be given a choice since they know how to avoid the cheap, Chinese type accessories.

    But most consumers aren’t knowledgeable, which isn’t their fault, so standardizing accessories to official versions does make the user experience more pleasant and consistent for the majority.

  • lion7718

    This is gonna bite Samsung in the ass.

  • Adam Bublitz

    I don’t necessarily mind this…but what i do mind is the fact that i tried to order a new charging cable through samsung’s web site and the cord was out of stock for 5 weeks. If they’re gonna eventually force you to buy their products then they need to get the supply in order.

  • Leo B.

    I went with an Android to begin with due to everything Apple did was proprietary. I love my G-nex and it may look like another manufacturer is in my future. Don’t do it Samsung. I normally use OEM anyway but I don’t like being tied to it. Being so diverse is why so many people buy products like yours. They have many different options at choosing accessories.

  • R. Adams

    Is that the reason for which I can’t use even a simple USB3.0 micro-B adapter to plug a USB3.0 card reader on my Note 3 ?

  • Cal Rankin

    They’ll probably do a Microsoft: people will complain enough and then they will do a 180 on their stance.

  • NonAppleholic

    This is all Apple fanboy bullpucky…. and RDF’d FUD mixed up in one. What they are referring to is Samsung’s constantly having to wait until other industry standards members get with the next generation of standards. That’s why Samsung simply jumped in ahead of time on lots of next generation high speed memory, micro HDMI, and now USB 3.0 standards before they became ratified by general membership. The chips are just another standard being implemented ahead of time by Samsung!!! ….and have nothing so ever to do with requiring that people only use Samsung hardware.

    It’s just that Samsung will…. like always be the first to move into the next generation standards being authored by none other than…. groups like the MPAA and RIAA so that our devices are chipped against illegal playing, transferring or transporting in any way any data or media not legally obtained. In other words we shouldn’t even be getting upset with Samsung…. because It’s Apple via Disney and other Movie and content companies that are pushing this chipping ports on our devices. Want to get MAD…. GET MAD AT WARNER, SONY, UNIVERSAL and all the rest of the members of MPAA and RIAA!

    They are the ones with long fingers reaching in your rear end. That’s why they call it DRM…. for Digital Rectal Manipulation!

    Let me know when one single other phone maker adds USB 3.0 and also let me know when any of them have finally moved to the 6 or 7 wire standard port Samsung has already gone to. The chips…. are just courtesy of our beloved Entertainment Industry and our own illiterate elected officials being probed by them too!

    BTW…. notice too…. that Samsung is quite aware that you can’t keep HACKERS DOWN…. because Apple’s “Lightening Port” dropped it’s panties months ago. Yeah…. it’s been HACKED already!!! ….and you better believe Samsung is laughing about that one!!! :DDD

  • hello there

    When a company does this, they are setting their loyal customers up to be price gouged on the accessories. Getting rid of the competition always leads to this. You know what comes next. We move on to less greedy waters. The only reason I don’t like Apple is because they keep pulling stuff like this. It’s a stupid move and no way to treat customers. 🙁