Samsung is ready to start producing 64-bit chipset

October 25, 2013

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Samsung is reportedly ready to start production on a 64-bit chipset, which many believe to be for the next Galaxy S device. In a conference call, the head of Samsung’s System LSI division said they were ready to start production soon, and that he chips would allow for a large amount of RAM, and be ready next year.

Specifically, the Samsung chief said the chips would be ready in the second half of next year. While that doesn't necessarily rule out the chips would be on the Samsung Galaxy S5, it doesn't quite fit the timeline we’re used to. Samsung usually updates their Galaxy lineup in the Spring, and if they kept to that time-frame, the S5 -- if that really is the next Galaxy device -- would not have that chipset included.

On the heels of the iPhone’s announced 64-bit architecture, Samsung CEO J.K. Shin said they’d have a 64-bit chip in their devices soon as well. While he didn't offer a time-frame, he did confirm it would be 2014. Again, we still have no confirmation on which Samsung device will debut with the 64-bit architecture.

We should also keep i mind that Samsung is lining up an “F-Series” of premium devices, which could be aimed at the likes of Sony. We've still not heard any news on a release time-frame for the F lineup, but if they are premium, a 64-bit chipset would be a good way to make an impact.

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  • Thomas C Montano

    Make an impact or statement ?

  • It really is a good news. I look forward to more in the future in this SS, a remarkable device will actually create such aftershocks and their echoes

  • Cory Wilson

    won’t apps have to be rewritten for 64-bit?

    • Moku

      No. 64-bit chips are backwards compatible with 32-bit software.

    • mikegonzalez2k

      You can run a 32-bit application from a 64-bit processor.
      It just won’t be as optimized as it could be.

      Which really won’t matter, unless you are needing the performance for high end calculations.
      Such examples would be involving video, database queries, or gaming.

      But you are right about games having to be rewritten.
      They will work fine under current conditions, but could POTENTIALLY have significant speed increases if they were optimized in 64-bit.

      This will encourage many game devs to consider making a 64-bit version.


    Why now, just cause Apple did it? What’s next, a fucking finger print scanner and an even more cartoony touchwiz? Quit copying already, Samsung could be great but they model themselves after Apple

    • Crenshaw Technical

      Maybe you just don’t know are just happened to be very uniformed. Before you launch bombs at Samsung please have your facts together (the author included). Samsung makes Apple 64 bit chip. What wait a minute what did he say??? Samsung makes Apple 64 bit chip, as well as their retina display screen and a host of other parts on the iPhone. Who’s copying who? Sounds kinda tough to copy yourself. I just hope you don’t go around telling anyone this foolishness. Consider yourself informed. Please do a little fact check through google. Trust me it shouldn’t take long…. Written on My GN3.


        I’m probably even more informed in this field than you, I already know Samsung makes SOME of the parts/screens/chips for Apple. You must be new to Android or a blind Samsung fangirl, Samsung has always copied Apple, just because they make some of the 64-bit chips, doesn’t mean they were first out of the gate. If they were, we would have them in our Note 3, oh but just because Apple did it, Samsung is right there behind them to copy them. Would you be surprised if the GS5 or Note 4 has a finger print scanner as well? Because I wouldn’t. I typed my last and current comment on my Note 3 as well.

      • Crenshaw Technical

        “Blind Samsung girl” Ha a good one. I have had a smartphone in my hand before that was even a term for a phone. From Compaq Zaurus, HP Ipaq to ATT Tilt 1, Tilt 2, 8125, 8525, Dell Streak, HTC HD 7, GN1, GN3. My resume is official. Samsung does not make some of their 64 bit chips, they make all of them. As well as the A5 and A6. If you can explain to me how you can copy something that you created and then sold to your competitors mystifies me. But if that’s how you feel oh well. Apple copies more things than anybody and re badge them with clever names and great marketing. I am not beholden to any OS or manufacturer. I just like to use what works best for me. I also like to see people talk with some kind of knowledge about tech when they blast other companies. That is all….

      • Guest

        Tech competent user: 1
        iSheep: 0


      • stucrmnx120fshwf

        Seems to me ARM developed the 64 bit micro architecture, Samsung, Apple and many others will use, but Sammy has invested huge sums in 14nm and Apple is being forced back to Sam. Sammy has economies of scale and will be producing for others, to recoup their $10 billion investment, such as AMD, I’d like to see an agreement there, AMD can give them the 500 coordinated GPU cores Sam will need for 14 nm / 64 bit mobile.

      • cee

        Samsung is just stamping out the Apple design (and then copying it) they originated nothing.
        If samsung invented retina screens, 64-bit mobile chips etc, they would have put them in there own phones first.
        As I recall, androids ( they even call you robots) have called every innovation by Apple a marketing ploy, until they catch up, then the ‘bots claim it as an innovation.
        And now samsung are trying to get queues for their product launches, after try to mock apple buyers.
        Samsung started ripping off Sony, and will continue to rip of every innovative company with their governments backing.
        Look at their dumb-watch, they release to try to be seen as ‘innovators’, get it so wrong it becomes an embarrassment, and then promise to improve it next time. I have a sneaking suspicion they will launch a new watch once Apple get it right.
        A leopard NEVER changes it’s spots. Just ask James Dyson.