Finally! The AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G is finally getting its official update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread starting today. In case you forgot, they mentioned this update was coming back around August but apparently that got delayed a few days — or half a year. The update is rolling out today and users can get it now.

The update was announced over on AT&T’s forum but apparently the link wasn’t activated by Samsung because users trying to update were getting an error. Don’t worry though, you can simply load up Samsung Kies and pull the update in that manner. Sadly this is not an over the air update so users will be required to connect to a computer to complete the update.

As usual with Gingerbread we have improved copy/paste functionality, download manager, improved keyboard, UI changes and other software tweaks and improvements. Samsung has updated the Touch Wiz UI as well so users should see some added stability. The full change-log is available at the AT&T forum link above for those looking for more details and instructions. Angry Birds that was pre-loaded will be removed after the update and players will lose all progress — depressing I know.

Enjoy that Android 2.3 Gingerbread now that it is finally available. Feel free to let us know how the update process goes in the comment section below, or if you experience any problems after the update.

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  • Jdm762

    This story would be great, if it were true. So far, the update is not availible. AT&T is blamimng Samsung. Who knows? When I bought my Infuse in May they told me I would get the free Gingerbread update. It’s been 8 1/2 months, and still not available.

    • Dimitrios91

      I’ve had Gingerbread 2.3.6 installed since the official release came out and have had 0 issues with it

  • Komal2008

    you need to install kies

    • Jdm762

      The link to the download page gets you a 404, and Kies gets nothing.

      • You have to install Kies (Mini), regular Kies does not update the Infuse

  • Dr_flaherty

    I just reloaded Kies and as I suspected, nothing to update. Really tired of AT&T stalling this update. It’s a heck of a way to run a business. I get a company discount for T-mobile…

  • Somedude

    F Samsung, F AT&T

    • Abcfake

      yeah and F somedude too. yeah!!

  • NextYear

    Kies tells me that my phone is unregistered.  I registered it already with Samsung.  

    • Jdm762

      I have been all over the net and it looks like 99% of us are having no luck. most everyone gets the same “unregistered device” on Kies.

  • Leountamed

    I too was having this issue… u must UNINSTALL the Kies software u currently have.. go to THIS page and download the kies software made specifically for the Infuse.. Then it works like a charm… FINALLY!

  • Kelvincko

    hi, this is my first time on this forum. about an hour ago, i found out
    that GB was officially released for the infuse 4g so i went ahead and
    downloaded kies and then began updating my phone’s firmware. i didn’t
    encounter any problems until the firmware upgrade reached 99% and then
    it just froze. it’s been at 99% for about an hour now. i’m not sure what
    to do at this point. i’m worried if i unplug my phone, i’m gonna
    regret it . . . but at the same time, if i just leave it as is, my phone
    battery’s gonna die and one way or another, it’ll be disconnected from
    kies. have any of you guys run into this problem, or have heard of this
    problem? any suggestions/solutions? i appreciate any help, thanks

  • Kelvincko

    never mind, i fixed it. for those who may run into this problem in the future, just unplug your infuse 4g and follow the recovery instructions in the kies window. after recovery, you should have the gingerbread update installed . . . weird how this all happened.

    • Slay9354

      How do I recovee my phone though?

  • Kelvincko
  • tony bell

    Ran the upgrade and haven’t seen any noticeable change – wonder if GB will address memory leaks and poor battery problems that were found under Froyo.

  • Nfct30

    i have an infuse i want to upgrade to gingerbread but when i connect mi phone to kyes apeears that this device is not supported , what can i do ?

    • Jdm762

      You must use Kies Mini. The full version of Kies does not recognize the Infuse. If you never ran the OS update a couple months ago, you can run the update. If you did run the update, Kies will tell you “Unregistered device”. I’m sure they are working to correct this. But if you must have 2.3 right now, the only option is using GTG Ultimate Unbrick, and take it back to just like it came out of the box.

  • At&t is so full of shit when it comes to update. My Craptivate
    waited 8 months to get the download. The infuse has been out probably 10
    months before getting it, and it looks like my LG Thrill will follow
    the footsteps. Makes me think its all at&T’s fault for delays!

    • Abcfake

      Dumb ass.  at&t only supports the network not your phone software.  thats samsung LG HTC etc…responsibility

      • Dumber ASS!!! ^, AT&T officially went on the record to say that ANY Android phone bought in 2011 would get updated to 2.3. Yeah shit face that was from AT&T’s mouth on the twitter feed. Where do you get off?……

  • Jo

    I upgrade and now I can’t send any text that is longer than 1 normal text (140-146 character). If it gets longer the text fails and I have to delete a few charcters. Didn’t have this problem before the upgrade.

  • Reenatovar

    Im getting unregistered device and when I spoke with Samsung customer service through live chat they stated to register phone and wait 3-4 hours, its been 3 days

    • Kimssi

      i also same situation….how can i upgrade?….

    • Aaron

      Try a different cable.   I have found after numerous driver upgrades that the particular data cable I had would not work.  Swapped it out and have had no problems since.  

  • Frustrated

    connecting my phone to my pc I have a 50/50 chance the drivers will install and the pc will recognize that there is a device there.  Most the time the drivers fail and I would unplug and replug until it became recognized.  But the phone would show as unregistered in Kies mini.  After live chatting with a Samsung agent they told me to do a factory reset.  I did. Now my pc will not recognize the phone AT ALL.  The driver installs fail everytime. This happens on every computer I connect it to.  What a bummer.

  • Flyboy5835

    Where is the AT&T notification on the Infuse 4G upgrade to Gingerbread.  I am not going to risk my phone on some bizare upgrade scheme.  I want an official upgrade procedeure joinly from AT&T and Samsung.  If not, this is the last Samsung phone for me

    • Abcfake

      are you a retard its on samsung web site since 2/1/12 but on hold due that small amount of customers had issue so both companies have update on hold to fix it.  If it was apple they would just say its at&t issue and wait till next update at&t and samsung cares so their fixing and not putting any blame.

  • guest

    kies mini is saying firmware: latest version when im still running 2.2.1

  • Triniboy24

    I got to updated to GB 2.3.6 today via kies mini,but after update phone is very laggy and not responding fast as it was on 2.2.1 and USB debug wasnt working. So i went back to 2.2.1

    • hellokitty

      How did you in uninstall it?

  • Updated, and now my Background is static, so my home screens no longer have a moving background! Damn it SAMSUNG!!!

    • Triniboy24

      what phone you updated??


       Yeah its pretty stupid. You can fix this by downloading Go Launcher or another top-rated launcher app. Plus you’ll get a lot of cool custom features. Oh and I recommend downloading QuickPic for better photo viewing.